A successful showcase at the Grammys

Feb 23, 2016 3:00 AM

What can I say about the Grammys? This awards show tries to make everyone appreciate our contemporary music.

Winners were, among many others, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor and Kendrick Lamar. Politics were kept very quiet, which is what it should be because this is a show that focuses on entertainment.

Lady Gaga brought the house down with her tribute to David Bowie as did Bonnie Raitt in her tribute to B.B. King. The Eagles were there to honor Glenn Frey. L.L. Cool J did a great job as host (for the fifth time). Adele was foiled in that her mike went dead for a moment and the piano mike fell on the piano strings, distorting the sounds.

Being a true professional, Adele went on and finished her song. Her comment on the incident was priceless as she said things happen and rewarded herself with an In-N-Out burger.

The Lionel Richie tribute was one of the better segments of the mostly quiet evening and Pitbull, with a Sofia Vergara surprise cameo, was the perfect choice to close the show.

Fashions as seen on the Red Carpet were not up to those of the other award shows, although Carrie Underwood was a sensation in a strapless black gown that reminded us of what Rita Hayworth would be seen in. Selena Gomez in a shimmering, clinging blue gown was also a stunner.

Scorcese scores again

Looks like HBO has a winner in the new Mick Jagger produced, Martin Scorcese directed series, “Vinyl,” although opening night ratings were not up to par. Bobby Cannavalle and supporting actors Ray Romano and Olivia Wilde are exceptional in this story about the recording industry during the 60’s and 70’s.

It is a gritty drama I am all too familiar with having gone through the many situations covered in this show. Creative bookkeeping kept most of the earnings away from the stars as all of the production’s costs were applied to the star and not the record company.

Back-stabbing and contract sales would leave the recording stars with almost no money at all and control of their careers was put in the hands of others who only cared about the bottom line. Fortunately, much of this has changed as recording stars are now made aware of the small print, etc.

Tyson comeback

Producer Adam Steck, who originally produced the one-man Mike Tyson show in Las Vegas has brought the show back for a limited run at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Room at the MGM. Adam lost control of the show when it moved to NYC and was taken over by Spike Lee.

Well, Adam has regained control and is working closely with Mike and his wife, who incidentally has written most of the show. With all that behind them we now have this great little production that will be profitable as well as entertaining.

Speaking of Garrett, he has just proposed to girlfriend Isabella Quella. They plan to marry soon after his upcoming hip replacement surgery.

$135M upfront

Marvel’s R-rated movie “Deadpool” grossed an estimated $135 million during its opening weekend in the U.S. and Canada. I guess male frontal nudity will soon be seen in more films. Star Ryan Reynolds shows all in this film and the public loves the idea that it is now time for the men to be seen as well as the gals. Personally I prefer some cover up so as to leave some things to the imagination.


Jubilee’s closing night was an emotional roller coaster as many of the show’s former cast and crew were there showing sadness as well as joy as they talked about those good old days of the famed showgirl era.

Iconic fashion designer Bob Mackie, who did many of Jubilee’s magnificent costumes, was there. Bob designed costumes for the likes of Cher, Diana Ross, Judy Garland, Bette Midler and Barbara Eden. He also did all of the costumes for the long running Carol Burnett TV variety show.

It’s sad to see the end that era of showgirls, costumes, etc. I doubt if there ever will be a return to those fabulous Donn Arden-type shows.

News without Paula

The face of Channel 8 news, Paula Francis, is retiring after 30 years with the station. Paula, who co-anchors the evening news has decided to call it quits as of April 1. As one of the last of the “old school” journalists she has given us the news in a knowledgeable and classy way that is missing in many of today’s newscasters. We hope Paula enjoys her retirement in the days ahead.

Dragging on

RuPaul’s hit reality series “Drag Race” begins its eighth season on March 7. Derrick Barry, who has been portraying Britney Spears for the past 10 years, will be a contestant on the show. He has been seen in Las Vegas shows A Night at the La Cage and Divas Las Vegas. It is amazing to see him become Britney. Derrick is a strong contender for the title of “Americs’s next drag superstar.”

Speaking of Britney, her show at Axis has added several new songs and dances as she returns to her residency performances. I guess J Lo’s hit show has created some competition as both of these gals share the same stage.

53X equals fun

Ryan Cheatham will appear in the new Chippendale show, 53X, opening in the Chateau at Paris Las Vegas on March 11. 53X is described as an equal-opportunity adult show with every number designed to appeal to any type of sexual preference.

At no time will a male or female performer be solo as all segments feature both sexes on stage.

Chateau is a club with a unique design that gives the show a full theatrical experience.

The Rev. Monti again wishes you only the best.

Monti Rock, who starred with John Travolta in the classic Saturday Night Fever, is a legend, performer, GamingToday entertainment columnist and marketing expert. Contact Monti at [email protected].