Max Rose to open in theaters this September

Max Rose to open in theaters this September

September 09, 2016 10:25 AM



In Theaters September 2nd

Opening in Las Vegas September 23rd

Starring: Jerry LewisClaire BloomKevin PollakKerry BishéDean StockwellMort Sahl, Illeana DouglasRance Howard, and Lee Weaver

Written and Directed by: Daniel Noah

MAX ROSE, featuring the legendary Jerry Lewis in his first starring role in over two decades, is a deeply moving drama about a retired jazz musician whose beloved wife of nearly six decades has just passed away. Though his career wasn’t everything he hoped for, Max always felt like a success because his beautiful, elegant Eva was by his side.  Then, while going through her effects, he discovers a love note from another man, a shocking revelation that leads him to believe his entire marriage, indeed, his entire life, was built on a lie. Following a period of anger and withdrawal, Max decides to confront the man who “stole” his wife in the hope that what he learns will provide the answers he so desperately needs.  A film about reconciling the past, living in the present, and never stopping to plan for the future, MAX ROSE was written and directed by Daniel Noah,   Rounding out the cast are Claire Bloom (as Eva), Kevin Pollack, Kerry Bishe, Mort Sahl, Dean Stockwell, Rance Howard, and Lee Weaver.  

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