Criss Angel charity Heal Every Life Possible (HELP) fighting cancer

September 13, 2016 3:00 AM


The Criss Angel event was held last week and my wonderful compassionate friend Tony Orlando was there to host it for H.E.L.P. (Heal Every Life Possible) to battle and research pediatric cancer.

Lance Burton, Terry Fator, and many of the caring stars of Las Vegas were in attendance. His goal is to raise one million dollars for this worthy and necessary cause. You have to give it to Criss, he is more than a magician and a star, he is the ultimate philanthropist who has put his heart and soul into this challenge.

We all are behind him and if you wish to contribute with a donation, the website is

This charity came into being when Criss learned his own two-year-old son was diagnosed last October with lymphatic pediatric cancer.

My Westgate cameo

I attended the 40th anniversary of the funkadelic group Cameo over at the Westgate. We were blown away! The entire theater was SRO and the audience was up on their chairs dancing and jiving with the great tunes from this rhythm-and-blues-gone-funk, hell-raising performance!

The group was given a cake to celebrate as the curtain finally descended – it was a night to remember, a night out of the past come alive, and a night of happy, happy, happy.

Also at Westgate it was announced Vinnie Favorito is going to be playing the Shimmer Cabaret (the same room as Cameo was in) in the near future. Vinnie is a funny guy and we all wish him real success in his new home. Vinnie has been around town a long time, from the Flamingo to the Tommy Wind Theater and all over the country. He is truly a very funny comedian! Bravo, Regal.

On a different note, I got to see a future cult classic film, the phenomenal “Florence Foster Jenkins!” The costumes, the pathos, the acting (in fact the word is in the wind for another, yes, another, nomination for the great Meryl Streep) and the entire cast – superb!

The setting is NYC during World War II, 1944. While the world was at war, Florence was at war within herself, believing she was an operatic superstar. Everyone enabled her as she was a great philanthropist of the arts.

This film is not to be missed! You will laugh your proverbial off, cry and feel everything that was happening. It is an incredibly amazing piece of cinematic art. Art films are not easily found in Las Vegas but the Regal Village Square brings them into town.

A slimmer O

Celebrity watch! Oprah Winfrey has a new mini-series, “Queen Sugar,” and she has lost over 40 pounds with her Weight Watchers regime. Actually, she bought 10% of the stock of Weight Watchers and has made more millions than she has already accrued as a dedicated, intelligent and talented businesswoman.

Not to be missed

This week Cirque, The Beatles’ Love and other Cirque shows, are running tickets at discount prices for locals. Now is the time to get to see the best of the best.

Also, Wynn’s Showstoppers is very close to the end of its run in December. This Broadway classic with show stopping songs and routines is a must see.

And finally, the clock is ticking on Jersey Boys slated for its final curtain at the end of this month.

You go, Brit!

Britney Spears is suing InTouch Magazine for saying during the MTV Awards that she was talking to herself and acting erratic. Her camp denies these accusations, saying it is defamation of character.

Odds & Ends

And as far as setting the record straight I need to say Branden Powers of The Golden Tiki is not to be confused with Brandon Flowers of The Killers. Branden (with an “e”) will be making a big move shortly.

The announcement was made that Magic Mike Live producer Elaine Mongeon is having another show, too. We have the Chippendales (with many years of live hot action and still going strong!) and also Men of Steel, and the Australian male butt kicker, Thunder From Down Under.

Labor Day is finally behind us and soon it will finally be cooler with the coming of autumn. Summer burnout is coming to its final embers, and a drone convention descended upon Las Vegas last week! A drone convention? Amazing!

To my supporters, extended family, divine readers, and all the people who have and are still by my side, my true friends, I love you all!