Penn & Teller show updated as the pair are still an amazing duo

Penn & Teller show updated as the pair are still an amazing duo

September 20, 2016 3:00 AM


I had the pleasure of seeing the new Penn and Teller show at The Rio with Susan and Jay Lerner and Alyse Childers-Wiley. Opening with the incredible stylings of Mike Jones jazz, it was innovative and staged impeccably. The longevity – 15 years – is amazing in itself; and how this great duo keeps up to date is the main reason for their continuing success.

The staging, approach and audience contact keep this art form alive and kicking!

My hat goes off to this great team and Johnny Thompson, who creates some of the magic. He is a master of prestidigitation. See this fantastic show! Afterward you might want to enjoy dessert, as we did, at the always delicious Peppermill. A really great night.

Gordie in form

We ventured downtown, the original Las Vegas, to the Golden Nugget with my crew, producer and entourage. It was a surprise to see Gordie Brown in his showroom.

Not only a smooth crooner, he was funny and had the entire audience on its feet. If you haven’t seen Gordie before, his energy and exactness come through in each cameo.


More Kardashians. “E” now has a brand new reality show featuring Rob K. and former WWE diva Chyna. Frankly, it is unwatchable. Remember his stint on “Dancing With The Stars?” He was thin and handsome then, now he is portly and indistinguishable in the crowd. We wish them the best!

Again, Hanks scores

From reality to the screen – a new hit is “Sully!” Tom Hanks portrays the title character, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, to perfection. This film was a lifesaver in many ways – viewed on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Lu, who saw the film with me, lost three friends on 9/11. Two were on the planes, Berry Berenson, photographer, and wife of Tony Perkins of “Psycho” fame, Barbara Edwards a colleague; her childhood schoolmate Dorothy Mauro was killed in Tower II.

It was almost soothing to see a miracle landing on the Hudson River that did not end in death, destruction and fear.

The film, directed by the iconic Clint Eastwood, was No. 1 at the box office this past week and definitely is one to see and experience. It is a marvelous portrayal of this heroic act that saved all 155 lives aboard!

Standing for America

I have something in common with Mr. Wayne Newton! We both were appalled that on the playing of the national anthem on 9/11 – several football players knelt in protest.

As a Latino American of Puerto Rican heritage, I was furious with their lack of respect and dignity!

V lands CCR legend

John Fogerty, of the 1960’s rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival, is doing a nine show “residency” at the Venetian’s theater.

It’s the term I find strange. John Fogerty, though, is a legend. Do try to see him.

My favorite “residency” was Suzanne Somers at the Westgate’s Shimmer.

Cabaret was great but it vanished all too quickly. It was magical and interesting, but had the wrong PR exposure and needed a different approach for a different audience.

Menopause keeps on going simply because the right PR has gotten the proper audience to the theater. Most of the audience has seen that show numerous times. It has that kind of feel good feeling!

He’s alive!

In my Sept. 6 column I referred to Bruce Jay Friedman in the past tense. However, Mr. Friedman, 86, is still very much with us and residing in New York City. Apologies to my readers and Mr. Friedman for the error.

Fever at 40!

For all of my fans and readers who remember me as an actor, “Saturday Night Fever” is now going on to its 40th year of being a cult and pop must-see.

I really did make up the impromptu line, “I love your polyester suit!” to John Travolta. When the film was 20 years old, I was invited back to NYC for its anniversary at Madison Square Garden! What a great reunion!

A year later, the Broadway version of SNF opened to rave reviews and my role was expanded to the second lead! Wow! The young man who portrayed Monti was Brian Bach of “Madmen” fame.

So you all realize now, yes, I am indeed, a legend and a columnist, too!

Let’s move on

“Dancing With the Stars” is back! Ryan Lochte debuted and there was some protesting about that.

Yes, he was lying and was really at fault when he said he was attacked in Rio. The videotapes showed that he was vandalizing that gas station… and the security guard made him pay for the damage.

If he only remained silent this debacle would never have snowballed into such a mess, smearing him and the USA! He was representing our country at the Olympics – an event that brings nations together. 

But enough is enough. It is over with and the protests should end. it is time to move on.

Many thanks

Monte Rock III has been so much a part of GamingToday for years and I so enjoy our relationship. You’re the best.