Vegas native Kimmel a master of hosting at Emmys

September 27, 2016 3:00 AM


At the just concluded Emmy Awards our very own Las Vegas native, Jimmy Kimmel, was a fabulous master of ceremonies. With his Vegas background, no other requirements were needed for him to display his great showmanship.

I truly believe Jimmy should take over the hosting of the Academy Awards – The Oscars. What more can I say? He is perfect and superb! He keeps your interest in the show at full peak. His audience at home remains glued to the screen and the atmosphere created at the award show itself was extremely comfortable and polished.

To my surprise and joy, our wonderful local comedian and resident, Louie Anderson, took home the Emmy for his role in “Basket.” Louie does a magnificent job of drag humor as Milton Berle used to do in the 1950’s golden age of television. He is so funny, like the two lead dragsters (vs. the gangsters) in 1958’s Billy Wilder comedic classic (with our late resident Tony Curtis) and the late, great, Jack Lemmon. This film, by the way, was recently shown on television.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (of Seinfeld’s “Elaine” fame), won her sixth Emmy. Even as time goes by, a great comedic actor can still wow them; she laughed and was gracious in the wake of her personal tragedy of her father’s passing last Friday. The show did go on!

Jeffrey Tambor, a renowned figure and actor – his dry sense of humor always tickles people’s funny bones – won for “Transparent” – Jeffrey was the straight man for the late Gary Shandling, whose show was a spoof of other TV shows – it was perfectly scripted – and Shandling used to remark how great Tambor was in his role. Shandling also said Monti Rock III was one of the greatest entertainers of our time.

Reality shows category winner was Mark Burnett, the producer of “The Voice.” 

This is an outstanding show – most of the rest cannot compare with his style. They are like video selfies.

Burnett also produced the wonderful and scathing, “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The fashions on the red carpet were back to basic black and white – elegance and “Oscaresque.” It was time for simplicity to return – the outdoing of each other’s apparel had become like parrots in an overcrowded cage.

Most of you do not know that in my past life I was voted among the 10 best hairdressers in the world. 

My fashion background is impeccable – my work appeared on the covers of every major fashion-bible magazine – such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. My clients were the jet set that included many notable celebrities and mega stars.

Brad without Angie

Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt citing irreconcilable differences. With all those children, and the twins, people thought this would be a forever match. 

They met on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer got her life back together and Brad… well, so it goes.

Pitt, by the way, is George Clooney’s best friend and George is happily married. Clooney did the smartest thing by not marrying a Hollywood celeb. Instead, he married late and in style!

Liar, Liar?

On the Hollywood beat – Jim Carrey is being sued for the wrongful death of his sometime girlfriend of five years. He paid for her funeral, and did a whole front page remorseful, sympathetic, woe is me outpouring. 

Was that guilt or “Memorex?” The rumor has it that the press was attempting to extort money from him (he is uber wealthy) to gain a confession. More to follow on this story.

Clint & Kelly

This Sunday, I am going to the Smith Center to review Conversations With Norm (Clarke) featuring Clint Holmes, and his wife Kelly Clinton-Holmes. 

This should be an exciting show as all of Norm’s “Conversations” are really interesting and worthwhile. You can see the real side of those interviewed.

Donations needed

Criss Angel’s fund benefitting pediatric cancer research and treatment ( is still open for donations. His great Sept. 12 show for the cause had everyone present – Imagine Dragons, Vince Neil, Mike Tyson, Jerry Lewis (his “Max Rose” film opened Friday), Corey Feldman, Sebastian Bach, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) – with the noble Tony Orlando (my best pal from The Bronx) serving as an excellent MC. Keep those donations coming in for Angel’s son.

Speaking of donations, the time has come to “pay it forward” – I am now trying to get a hold on my life after my personal tragedy. 

I have had to resort to – in order to keep on going. Please visit the site to donate under creative arts, then type in Monti123. Yes, I am humble and admitting I need your help.

This Baby miscarried

At the cinema, “Bridget Jones Has A Baby” was not what was expected! Sometimes, a story or storyline loses on its third chapter – this was the case here, too. 

Rene Zellweger may be a fine actress, but when a script tries too hard to rely on past successes, the story loses its vivacity.

Duran, a knockout!

On the other end of the cinema, “Hands of Stone” with Edgar Ramirez and Robert DeNiro, respectively as Roberto Duran and his manager Ray Arcel, is smashing!

It is a gem of a film! A division of the Weinstein Film Company produced this riveting documentary.


The Super Bowl is beginning its halftime lineup! Lady Gaga and Imagine Dragons are ready to sign. The fans will definitely go Ga-Ga! And for all of you gaming fans – the Global Gaming Expo takes place this week at the Sands Convention Center. 

If you are into gaming, this is the event to catch.