Dolly Parton wows Laughlin, but she should have a Vegas residency

October 11, 2016 3:00 AM


Dolly Parton, the ever fabulous, was in Laughlin performing to a sold out arena. She has a new album, TV show, book and movie, “Coat of Many Colors.” You have to give it to this lady. She has Dollyland and is one of the richest singer/songwriters. Plus, she owns all her publishing rights. Just a thought… she should have a residency in Vegas. Yes, I’m a Dolly Parton fan!

Raiders & Wynn

About the stadium that wants to draw the Las Vegas Raiders, where is the money coming from? I saw Steve Wynn talking about charging for parking and now raising money through the hotel tax for another stadium. We have T-Mobile, Thomas & Mack, the MGM Grand Garden Arena, etc. As a man about town I would like to know that this community would support the games and all that comes with it. This will attract even more tourists, sports betting and mean big bucks for the Las Vegas economy. I sure hope it will be a win-win for us all!

Adding more Spice

Rumors have it a Spice Girl reunion? Really? We know Victoria Beckham said, “No,” but if we remember, the Supremes tried that with Mary Wilson backing out for not being paid enough.. So Diana Ross got two other girls and it was a flop! I’m thinking about a reunion with Disco Tex and The Sexolettes. I’ve been looking for two of my girls who live here in Las Vegas. They are selling timeshares. But I’m a famous columnist now darlings.

All shook up

Kim Kardashian West was in Paris for Fashion Week, staying in one of the most exclusive hotels where suites go for $18,000 per day. She’s on social media every five minutes and Instagram, too, with her 100 million followers, showing off her jewels, her diamonds. So she gets robbed.

Five bandits disguised as policemen put her in the bathtub while she pleaded for her life, “I have children, I have children.” They left her there and took her famous phone… can you imagine all the pictures in there! The phone was probably worth a fortune! She is ok but very shook up. Kanye cancelled concerts to be with his wife. Glad she’s ok.

Nice stroke, Lochte!

“Dancing With The Stars” had the Cirque de Soleil theme and Ryan Lochte, who is a spokesman for Pine Bros. cough drops, actually is getting better. Maybe we’re beginning to forgive him and perhaps he’s learned a lesson by losing all those sponsors. I sure hope so.

Philharmoic return

Great Las Vegas news, the Las Vegas Philharmonic is coming back with movie themes. For those of you who love music and culture, we welcome all. Their home is The Smith Center in downtown, moving there from Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall at UNLV.

Hef ailing?

We all know the Playboy Mansion has been sold and Hugh Hefner has been living in it. But rumors are swirling around that he is ill. He hasn’t been seen in public in a couple of months although they say he is still running his organization.

What a history this man has – the magazine, the Playboy Club, Ana Nicole Smith, and the first cover was Marilyn Monroe. Does anybody remember Bobbie Benton? I remember when I lived in Hollywood, when I was doing pictures. You may not remember but I was in a western, called “Comeback Trail” with Buster Crabbe, Chuck McCann and Ina Bailin and I was the oldest. I was playing an aging movie star who falls off a horse and the studio had to fire me. And they used all the footage in the final version. That movie career of mine! Thank God for “Saturday Night Fever!”

Fertitta update

Big business news – the Fertitta brothers made billions selling UFC  and last week they finalized the purchase of the Palms Hotel & Casino by their company, Red Rock Resorts Inc. They now have 21 properties and counting. With approximately 11,600 employees, they are one of our largest employers and those TV ads say they’re pretty happy!

Taylor smitten?

Can we believe this is true? Taylor Swift, the marathon dating princess and Calvin Harris (rumor has it) are possibly back together. A serial dater then writes a song about you – “We’re Never Never Gonna Get Together Again” or “We Are Gonna Get Together Again.”


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – it’s getting nasty. They met on a movie set, she became pregnant – and Jennifer Aniston was a lady about the whole thing.

They have six children involved in this. She is supposed to be a humanitarian, a do gooder. She is beautiful but one tough lady. She’s a great business woman.

Remember, where there’s fire there’s some truth. Some may be gossip but I tend to believe there’s more to it than meets the eye. I’m just a gossip columnist darlings. Stay tuned.

Jerry a pioneer

Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis just did a one man show at South Point and also has a new movie that just came out called “Max Rose.” This is a true pioneer, famed for directing, producing and as a humanitarian who has raised many millions of dollars for Muscular Distrophy over his lifetime. He was very good to me when I began my career. He thought I should be a comedian but I was a chameleon instead.

A New Year

It is October already, which now means the start of the Jewish New Year 5777.

Wishing you all the best.