Hurricane Matthew's impact felt even in Vegas

October 18, 2016 3:00 AM


Hurricane Matthew had its impact on Las Vegas… flights in and out. Many of my friends on the East Coast were affected by this horrible and frightening storm. Thousands were without power and stores were out of food and water.

We are so saddened by the hundreds of lives lost in Haiti and the Carribean, but grateful, too, because as it traveled up our coast it was not as devastating as first predicted. I guess it could have been worse.

Stars re-aligned

Matt Goss, a world-class entertainer, who was at Caesars Palace (the Gossy Room) for over six years, just recently closed. The buzz around town is he will have a new room or new venue at the MGM.

My opinion is that where there is rumor, there may be some truth.

On the other side of Las Vegas Boulevard, old-school singer, local favorite, and headliner of the year two times running Frankie Moreno, (not Frank Marino, fabulous female impersonator of Divas Las Vegas… I always get them confused), who starred in the explosive “Under The Influence,” has now closed.

At the Stratosphere for three years, Frankie moved to Planet Hollywood but apparently costs were much too high for this production. Base Entertainment, which has two Broadway musicals in town and operates the PH Showroom at Planet Hollywood, pulled the plug.

We know Frankie will land on his feet and look forward to seeing him on the Strip or back in Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. He is a great talent and we wish him the best.

80’s Ladies

I got a call from Palm Springs from the great Morgana King, the famous singer who also had a part in “The Godfather” as Marlon Brando’s (Don Corleone’s) wife. Her singing was like Yma Sumac, the fabulous Peruvian soprano of the 50’s who had a four-octave vocal range… just the greatest. Morgana is 87 years old and still sounding terrific. She’s releasing a best compilation of her music. Can’t wait to hear it!

Also, I’ve always been amazed by the greatest lady in Las Vegas, Phyllis McGuire of the renowned McGuire Sisters. The love of her life was the famous Sam Giancana, the Sicilian American mobster, boss of the Chicago Outfit in the 50’s and 60’s.

Rumor has it she is one of the richest women in Las Vegas with an amazing jewel collection, but I’ve always been fascinated by her because of her demeanor – class, mystery and glamour.

Every day on the phone, I speak to the great Mimi Hines, who was married to the late and talented Phil Ford. She replaced Barbra Streisand on Broadway in “Funny Girl” and toured in “Sugar Babies” with her husband. At 83, her voice is as perfect as it was 40 years ago! These ladies are legendary.

Stadium suspense

The Las Vegas Raiders stadium is something I’m really tuned into. They plan to use an increase in room tax from the hotels to fund the public portion. Sheldon Adelson, the American casino magnate and chairman/CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, is ready to contribute $650 million to the project.

Vegas has always been big on sports with the casinos doing tremendous sportsbook business so this is a natural progression. A home team will be the greatest addition for all you sports fans and our economy. Stay tuned.

Best of Vegas

Brandon Powers owns the Golden Tiki on Spring Mountain, an exotic tiki bar-themed hangout that gets great reviews on the Yelp and Trip Advisor websites. I had the pleasure of meeting with him last week and returned the next evening for his famous PuPu Platter. You must try it.

He now has created Evel Pie, the themed pizza place in honor of Evel Knievel. You will be hearing a lot more about Brandon as he expands his businesses throughout the valley. Can’t wait to see what this great entrepreneur does next!

Secret V room?

Sometimes I don’t get it right but tell me, is there a new room at the Venetian? I have been hearing they will try to do a new show where the acts go into the audience. It’s interactive and like an upscale, cabaret show. For example, fire and snake eaters – really strange acts. Is there anyone stranger than me? Why don’t they call and book me? I’m available.

Lochte rising

We have “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Ryan Lochte still in the running and getting better each week. He is now the spokesman for Pine Bros., who is my client. They are the most forgiving cough drop on the market for your throat and they sure have forgiven Ryan. Good for him.

Up for an auction?

Deb Weidenhamer, well-known American auctioneer, is in town for a couple of days, scouting hotels for when she brings in a group of Chinese businessmen from the China Auction Association at the end of the month. She is the only foreign member of the association. The group will be attending Las Vegas auto auctions to bring some tips back to China and, of course, to gamble!

Presenting me

On Nov. 5, I will be presenting at the Best of Vegas, taking place at The Venetian. I have participated for years and have been voted the most colorful character in Las Vegas for three years in a row. Can’t wait to be a presenter!