Can't leave out Shecky when discussing Vegas legends

October 25, 2016 3:00 AM


Last week I talked about Las Vegas legends. In keeping with that genre I can’t believe I left out Shecky Greene, who lives here in Henderson.

Greene’s career in Vegas is one of good guy/bad guy, gambling, etc., and he always made good copy. I remember clearly when I worked here in the 1960s, he was one of my idols as a performer. You never knew what you’d get but boy he was funny!

Also, believe it or not Don Rickles is still working and he is 90. His daughter Mindy is at The Laugh Factory at the Tropicana this week. Greene and Rickles are the patriarchs of Las Vegas comedy shows. Today everyone’s a comedian. Even me or did I mean chameleon?

We even have Mick Jagger, 72, and the Rolling Stones who performaned Oct. 22 at T-Mobile arena. And then there is Billy Idol (in his 60s), who has performed here for years.

And congrats to the talented Kaye Ballard, a television and Broadway star. Supposedly she officially retired last year, but I got calls that, at 90, she is still working and performing. Unbelievable and good for her!

Bronx cheers

As a columnist I almost never get surprised. The wonderful Kelly Frey said, “You must see this show.” It’s called The Bronx Wanderers, at Bally’s Windows Showroom, which also houses 50 Shades, the smash hit parody, and Wayne Newton’s one man show, Up Close And Personal.

To my great surprise, The Bronx Wanderers is a happy, feel good show; the father, Vinnie and two sons, singer Vinnie and drummer Nick, do songs from Dion and The Belmonts, Billy Joel, Frankie Valli and even Abba and Bruno Mars! This is a must-see show.

Some great celebrities have come out of the Bronx – Chazz Palminteri, Jennifer Lopez and, of course, yours truly.

Rock the sportsman

This week I am into the sports in this town. But they’ve always been here. I’m the writer for GamingToday, which is all about sports, gaming and sports figures.

So I’ve been thinking and hearing about how Vegas is going through a great renaissance. What we are seeing in this little town of lost wages, I mean Las Vegas is to me, growth and re-invention. A city within a city with history, show business, now interest in the Las Vegas Raiders and also rumor has it there’s a roller derby team in the works being created.

I am here witnessing history… an eye witness to a town that is an amusement park with gaming, sports, fashion and food. So we have to go out and support the locals and the history… places like the Neon Museum and The Mob Museum. There’s something here for everyone.

Jobs are available and if you want to apply yourself you can do anything here. Look at what happened to me, a hairdresser, movie star and recording artist. Now I’m the Hedda Hopper of Las Vegas… the gossip queen. I’m a Yenta and I thank you Eileen for allowing me to spew!

Legends in transition

Last week I went to Legends In Concert and saw after many years of this show, they are still changing – new staging, new marketing, new audiences. You see stars who are not copy cats; they are tribute artists and the best you can get. I am thrilled and honored to be part of this long running, great staple of Las Vegas.

Bring on Halloween!

The best Halloween ever is about to take place this Monday. I have never seen so many haunted houses, costume stores and pumpkin flavored stuff! We have the Fright Dome, The Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror, Halloween Town, Opportunity Village’s HallOVeen at the Magical Forrest and, of course, every corner seems to have a Pumpkin Patch for the kids. There are festivals, too. So enjoy, be careful and try not to eat too much candy!

Thank you

The wonderful David Filter, who owns the greatest “florist to the stars” shop here in Las Vegas, English Garden Florists, just absolutely did the most wonderful orchids for me for a small dinner party at my home with people I adore, just a select few. Thank you, David.