Clint Holmes shines in new Between the Lines show at Venetian

Clint Holmes shines in new Between the Lines show at Venetian

November 08, 2016 3:00 AM


My entourage went to see Clint Holmes at the Venetian to see his show called Between The Lines. Years ago Clint’s incredible journey began from a hit record, “Playground in My Mind.”

From Atlantic City (when I first got to Vegas) he went to the Golden Nugget, appearing in a very wonderful show. Then for a while he had a TV show (which I did with Sheena Easton), a very long run at Harrah’s, his own room at Red Rock and also the Cabaret Theater at The Smith Center.

Holmes is an entertainer’s entertainer, a singer who can sing anything. What this show brings is variety from jazz to contemporary to stories about his life along with a musical he wrote and produced, which still has legs. Plus, he still sounds great!

 I found Between The Lines to be a special evening. He was gracious and is one the best dressed men in town.

SLS tabs SNL

For weeks there’s been a buzz around town about another residency. To my surprise and amazement Dana Carvey and John Lovitz (“Saturday Night Live” veterans) are going to appear together in the 600 seat showroom. The show will be called “Reunited” and opens for an extended engagement in January.

Let’s talk about comedy for a minute. What can they be doing, the Church Lady, the Liar? I’m guessing they’ll take questions, do skits and comedy but what the heck do I know? I’m just an old entertainer who’s now a gossip columnist!!

No ring on it

Speaking of gossip, if you’ve been following Mariah Carey and her fiancé, James Packer, with a $10 million engagement ring and a reality show on E!, Mariah is the reincarnated Mae West. Anyway, they broke up and he’s one of the richest men in the world. She wants $50 million from breaking up.

Mariah had the annual Halloween Party with Nick Cannon and the kids and there was no Packer. The breakup apparently means uprooting her family from a NYC apartment to her lavish Beverly Hills digs… the poor woman. He wanted her out. Always making good copy, Mariah belongs in New York.

Last call for Stoppers

For all of you are waiting to see what’s happening, you have a last chance to see Show Stoppers before it ends in December. I’ve seen it four or five times. You must go with the idea of seeing a show within a show. I call it hi-camp. If you take it that way you can really see many shows in one. A combination of Broadway, great entertainers, a chorus line and a full orchestra. What could be better than that?

At the box office

All who follow my column for movie suggestions, Tyler Perry’s “Boo! A Medea Halloween” is tops at the box office for several weeks. There are also two great movies with controversial directors/producers. One is Mel Gibson’s war time drama, “Hacksaw Ridge,” the first he’s directed in 10 years, getting great reviews. Then there’s “Birth of a Nation.” Director Nate Parker’s past is curious. But this is a time for us to look at great films. Controversial producers and directors have always been around.

Going out, coming in

Gordie Brown, impressionist, comedian, singer and entertainer, who has been at the Golden Nugget for many years will soon close his show. You must see him at least once. He is a super talent.

Channing Tatum, rumor has it, has a show, Magic Mike Live Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino possibly scheduled for March 2017. What a great story for a man like him – from a stripper to the movies to a married man with a family. There’s not a bad word ever said about this man. Hope it’s true and can’t wait to see him!

Thank you

Thanks to the media, the R-J, the Best of Vegas and Legends In Concert, which I just hosted. It’s all kind of wonderful when you’re surviving. I appreciate so much the kindness and love from so many people like GT publisher Eileen DiRocco and all my special ladies, who cook and bring food.

Thanksgiving is coming… are you ready?