Band of Magicians the latest Tropicana show can they get the proper bankroll?

November 15, 2016 3:00 AM


I keep going back to the Tropicana showroom, it seems to be ever changing.

The best show they had there was Dancing with the Stars, which really suited their showroom.

Two years ago Mama Mia came and went in less than three months. Before that Gladys Knight only lasted a short while.

One night many years ago my late partner and I saw the late Bea Arthur in a one woman show. She was brilliant and funny and the woman could sing!

But in 2016 they have had three closings – Raiding the Rock Vault, Jan Rouven’s Illusions and Cherry Boom Boom, a sassy dance revue.

Now there is a new show called Band of Magicians. My take on this is if you’re going to create a show, you need deep pockets. It takes ticket brokers, marketing and advertising, celebrities, costumes, staging, etc. Case in point – Cherry Boom Boom, which lasted only one week.

What is the problem?

The problem is you need to come in with a big, big bankroll and find your audience. Who is your audience? Who will you play to? And, how do you reach that audience?

Hopefully, Band of Magicians found the answer to those questions 

Class Holmes

I saw one of our great, local entertainers the other night at the Palazzo showroom at the Venetian. It was a great pleasure seeing my friend Clint Holmes perform his new show “Between The Lines.”

What was amazing to me, as an entertainer, was that the man is hurting with a bit of a physical problem and went on and did an hour and a half show in spite of it. The show must go on. Vocally and spiritually he is an entertainer’s entertainer. What a great job he always does.

Celine troubles

What is happening at Caesars Palace? Again, Celine had to cancel three shows. This divine Diva is having throat problems so she cancelled until her doctor gives her the ok to get back on stage. We have to guard her great voice. Don’t forget they built a Coliseum for this fantastic performer. She’s very smart to save her voice, her greatest asset.

For those who bought tickets, not to worry, they will refund your money.

The other star of the Coliseum is the great Mariah Carey, who just broke up with her millionaire fiancé. She is seeking $50,000,000 for alienation of affections and she is keeping the ring. Rumor has it she already has a brand new beau – just a rumor so far! But remember, where there’s a buzz, half of it is usually true. Gossip, gossip, gossip.

Stop bullying, Wendy

Wendy Williams, when are you going to learn not to start trouble? 

She has her talk show and when she says, “Can we talk?”, oy! She put down Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian and she’s picking on Mimi from “Houswives of Atlanta.”

You know, when I began doing this 16 years ago, my friends and fans always understood I have fun with it. I don’t pick on anybody.

Magnificent Marino

I have to give my respect to Frank Marino for being so gracious. He has always been very warm and friendly to me. I met him when he was 17 or 18 years old and he was always so nice to try to help me with television appearances and getting started when I first came to Las Vegas. I love this guy. Congrats on your awards, Frank.

French Disconnection

The other day I got a sweet phone call from the great Shecky Greene, using a French accent. I didn’t even know who it was. He kept saying “Ello, ello, this is z French singer from the 60s.” He finally said “it’s Shecky.”

He’s one of the all-time great comedians.

Great vibes and pie

My most recent, favorite friend is Brandon Powers who recently opened his newest venue, Evel Pie - Live Hard, Ride Fast, Eat Pizza on Fremont Street. It is a New York style pizza place with a daredevil Evel Knieval theme, great music and vibes.

Brandon and I will be doing great things in the future and I wish him the best as he expands all over this Las Vegas valley. He’s a great entrepreneur, specializing in themed venues, like his wonderful Golden Tiki bar on Spring Mountain Road.

Best of Luck, Brandon, with your newest!

Take it easy on Cassidy

My old friend David Cassidy had one of his breakdowns on stage. I guess somebody was shining a cell phone on him and he thought there was something wrong with his eyes and he started screaming on stage.

With people having cameras on their phones, they can put everything on social media immediately. So the whole thing was captured and posted, which I think is really horrible. I love David. We worked together years ago with Wes Farrow when he owned Chelsea Records.  Mr. Cassidy opened doors for me when he was at the MGM doing FX and then he did the Copa Show at The Rio. He also produced and wrote for the Rat Pack. He’s a talented man and has always been a total gentleman to me.

Debut of Top 10

This week I decided to start my Top Ten list that you’ve all been waiting for since last year. Each week I will add to the list.

We have to give it to the diva – Celine, Celine, Celine Dion, the voice of the ages. For the best show for three years in a row, it’s Michael Jackson One at Mandalay Bay.

Legendary host

Recently I was honored to be the celebrity host at Legends in Concert at the Flamingo. It was a special 30-year celebration for the show.

One thing about Legends is the artists are tribute artists who sing live. There is no lip sinking, just real talent.

There are well over 100 artists represented in this fabulous tribute to so many of our greatest celebrities. What a great experience it was. Thank you, Legends!