Park Theater beyond beautiful at Monte Carlo

November 29, 2016 3:00 AM


At the MGM Grand, there was a big, big news conference officially announcing the residency of Ricky Martin at Monte Carlo’s new Park Theater, which was redone for Cher and other great performers. Of course Ricky had previously leaked the news on “The Ellen Show,” but that didn’t seem to take away from the excitement of the official confirmation.

Shows are scheduled for April, June, July, and September 2017; the first show will be April 5, 2017. Tickets are already on sale and you know they will go quickly.

Speaking of the Park Theater, it is remarkable how they re-branded this beautiful place. It used to be the Lance Burton Theater, and the Blue Man Group also appeared there. It is one of the great new venues like T-Mobile and MGM Grand Arena.

But we have so many now I wonder who is going to fill these seats? I know Cher will be performing here but she has bad-mouthed Las Vegas in the past and I thought she didn’t like it here. She’s now on what seems like her 50th return tour after saying farewell so many times.

Fateful kiss

The Latin Grammys were held here at the MGM Grand earlier this month. Of course the big news was Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez (who were once married and have twins). They had a great kiss on stage and now Marc and his current wife, Shannon De Lima, are separated after just two years, apparently because of the big to-do about that kiss.Now he’s kissing everybody – his manager, his band members, everybody – with pictures all over social media.

Of course you know JLo, who is my Puerto Rican sister from the Bronx, is a phenomenal talent. She’s more than a triple threat. Not only is she an actress, but she is a great live performer. She also has a clothing line and perfume and eye lashes and on and on, a multi-talented genius. She has split and reunited with boyfriend Casper Smart several times and as recently as October they were apart. But rumor has it she is still with Casper and this columnist thinks he’s in an underground bunker. Casper, Casper… Come out, come out wherever you are!

AMA trends down

Let’s talk about the recent American Music Awards co-hosted by supermodel Gigi Hadid and comedian Jay Pharoah. Of course it opened with the fantastically talented Bruno Mars, who also has a residency in Las Vegas. But the show’s ratings were down a whopping 31%!

Hadid was the worst. She did a bad imitation of our soon-to-be first lady and couldn’t read her cue cards. She should stick to modeling. To me some people should just stay with their talent; she is a supermodel with clothing and make-up lines and she should really stick to that.

On the red carpet we had Lady Gaga, wearing a great white hat and white suit – stunning! And then, when she performed, she was wearing a leather outfit and her hair was wild and the guitar and what a mess. Why???

But the best speech was Selena Gomez, in a beautiful red dress, who spoke about having to leave the business for a while and take some time for her thoughts and feelings. It was a wonderful speech, very moving. She thanked her fans for sticking with her while she took a break.

Her ex, Justin Bieber, sang his hit and I’m sure they still have feelings for each other. They support each other and you can see it. They are great friends and I think there’s something there. I also think they belong together and will get married at some point.

Storm-y documentary

We all know I am a fan of the great, legendary, fabulous Tempest Storm, Queen of Exotic Dancers, a burlesque and motion picture star. She is 87 years old, was a mistress to Elvis and JFK, and married Herb Jeffries. Her life is like 10 movies.

She has a new documentary out called “Tempest Storm,” I’m dying to see. It has received 4.5 stars. It’s all about her claim to fame, her inter-racial marriage and her scandalous past. I find her to be one of the most fascinating people in Vegas. Whenever I see her, she is generous and terrific and always a great interview.

Odds & Ends

• We are getting a new sports team – the Vegas Golden Knights, an NHL expansion team. This will be very exciting for Las Vegas. They will play at the new T-Mobile arena.

• Can it be true? Kanye West walked out on his concert, after babbling on and on and now he’s in the hospital for observation. They say it is exhaustion and sleep deprivation. His clothing, his recordings, being married to Kim – her family has a reality show with no reality in it. It’s insane. I’m sure he’s just looking for recognition and publicity. We think Kanye is he’s a great, great, talent. If only he could stick to his writing and music.

• I couldn’t attend Anita Mann’s (who I Adore) 17th anniversary of Fantasy. The director/producer is one of my best friends and I am so sorry I had to miss it. Fantasy at Atrium Theater at the Luxor Hotel & Casino has had 17 successful years on the Strip.

Well, Thanksgiving is over… time to get ready for Christmas, if you haven’t already started.