Take a bow Gordie you have earned it

Take a bow Gordie you have earned it

December 06, 2016 3:00 AM


How special to see the second to last night of Gordie Brown at the Golden Nugget. The show closed on a Sunday, but I wanted to experience the Saturday night crowd.

I wanted to see him sans the fanfare of a “closing night – final curtain” performance. To my surprise, I was not alone in my thinking for sitting in the audience nearby were Clint and Kelly Holmes!

The Sunday event was a celebrity packed, two hour extravaganza with Rich Little and a parade of special guests/celebrities including Frankie Moreno, Zowie Bowie, and an endless list that would fill this newspaper! And, he earned it.

Gordie is headed to a well-deserved vacation! Next – history –  who will have the honor of presenting this star?

Prince update

Friends of the late Prince, The Paisley Park compound, will have special events April 20 and 23, 2017 in celebration of his music and his great contributions to the world of entertainment.

The family issue is still in flux – are there five or six siblings – or maybe more – is it time for DNA testing? The estate is in the hands of the courts because he left no will or trust. This will be a very difficult disbursement of Prince’s legacy and billions of dollars.

Less about Brown

Can we still be talking about Bobby Brown? I believe he won a judgment of $36 million for the death of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, however, we all know he was not a great father, a great role model or a man of ethics and morals.

By law, he was still her father. Whitney Houston, the mother and Bobby’s ex, was also a dysfunctional woman who also lost her voice and her sanity through the enabling process of Mr. Brown

Bobbi Kristina was a victim of these two parents. Sad but true, fiction could not create a more desperate child.

My legends

The last few weeks I have devoted part of my column to the legends who made Las Vegas. One is Liberace, who had hot and cold emotions. Sometimes I feel we were carved out of the same marble stone – only he had a better dressmaker.

The other legend in my life is Paige O’Hara – Belle of “Beauty and the Beast” – in Menopause for 10 solid years – and an artist supreme. Paige came from the Broadway stage to Las Vegas in the late 90’s, headed the Radio City Spectacular at the Flamingo, did a superb concert series with Robert Goulet, and is still my sunshine lady!!! She is an Oscar winner for “Beauty and the Beast” to boot!

We need Curling

Hockey in Vegas means who got the puck or is it the bucks? The Golden Knights will be a great new draw to LV. We have the rodeos, but we have long needed a home-based major sports team. Now the ice is flying – to the extent that our neighbors to the north have a gay “hockey” (actually, curling), team.

Curling is an ancient sport of northern countries and an Olympic event.

When I first arrived in Vegas 16 years ago, I was involved in creating a male and female roller derby team – The Las Vegas Rockets. I still think it is a viable idea – especially since we have the arenas to handle all of these sports.


The great Santa Run on Las Vegas Boulevard was a big success. Legends in Concert’s Christmas spectacular is fantastic and Human Nature has an unbelievable holiday oriented show – check your listings for the times at The Venetian.

Power lunch

For weeks I have been writing about Branden Powers, the man who owns The Golden Tiki and the Evel Knievel experience on Fremont Street. I had a great lunch with him to discuss a future major project that will be announced shortly.

Great movies!

On the silver screen, do not miss “Allied” with Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt. It is a romance with the setting of World War II and spies, romance, incredible costumes and acting. It is a terrific film that will set your hearts on fire.

Also, if you want to go into the battles full force, “Hacksaw Ridge” is another compelling movie. The story is true – how a conscientious objector entered the war and ended up saving over one hundred lives of men who would have otherwise been battlefield fatalities. Belief in the human spirit makes this a great film for the holidays.

For laughs abounding, “Almost Christmas” and “Bad Santa 2” are prime examples of how holidays can take dysfunctional families and bring them close again. In the special effects realm – “Fantastic Beasts” – by JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame – is a sensational foray into the world of computerized magic.

Go see a film – after all, it is the holiday fun thing.

Odds & Ends: To all those wonderful friends like Debbi Gold and her daughter Lisa, who went out of their way to make this a true friendship day of Thanksgiving, many thanks.

Have a good time and ice dance at the Cosmopolitan or downtown Summerlin. Rinks are available for fun.