Bellagio sure knows how to roll out the red carpet

Bellagio sure knows how to roll out the red carpet

January 17, 2017 3:00 AM


The Bellagio recently hosted Canon’s 17th Annual Customer Appreciation Reception/Fundraiser and Celebrity Red Carpet Event to benefit John Walsh’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

I’ve been going to this event for about five years. The big star of the evening was the brilliant actor, Brian Cranston… very personable, great star and just a nice man. Attendance was probably over a 1,000 people and it was held in the Tower Ballroom.

There was a cocktail reception and silent auction followed by a gourmet buffet dinner. The food was extraordinary. Entertainment was provided by Frankie Moreno and his band. The Bellagio has always been so glamorous and is one of Steve Wynn’s masterpieces (MGM made a wise choice when they acquired it in 2000). Right now they are getting ready with fabulous décor in honor of the Chinese New Year.

Jaki Baskow, celebrity talent broker who managed the entertainment, was a gracious and kind hostess.

Upward Suncoast

Locally, the Suncoast Hotel and Casino Resort up in Summerlin has a new and great idea that really works! On Friday nights they are holding a Sock Hop, and as I peered in the showroom, it was filled to capacity!

The dancers crammed on the floor to the live music, all ages – seniors, mid and younger – were doing their finest steps and were dressed up! The people who generally dress down and casual were sporting suits, glam dresses, and high heels while cavorting on the dance floor. The drink sales were high as the wait persons kept bringing more into the room.

This is a must-go event – it is slated through the first Friday in February and is a terrific, fun dance event for all. It was very cold that night, but the heat inside, the sexy dresses and moves were sensational. I hope they will do some more disco and rhythm and blues, this would attract an even more diverse crowd. This choice is a winner!

Boyd Gaming came up with a definite yes for locals to have fun at the Suncoast! While you are there, have a slice of the renowned Dupar’s pies – the best pie you can get on the West Coast and Nevada! That place is really great as it replaces the old Siena eatery with 1930’s wait persons’ uniforms and personal attention to the diners. The Suncoast seems to be on the rise again!

Around the Globes

This year the Golden Globes… well, it did not disappoint. The glamour, the cleavage, the cleavage, and more cleavage. It’s the year of cleavage.

Jimmy Fallon, the host, was good… not great. I thought he was too low key. The opening was a tribute to a movie I’ve already seen twice, “La La Land,” a musical that takes place in modern day Hollywood. The choreography, directing, acting and music just swept the awards and won everything they were nominated for.

The Academy Awards won’t be out for weeks but the Golden Globes are like a prelude to them; so, will “La La Land” sweep the Academy Award? I say, yes!

And “Moonlight” was another big hit. This year people of color had many nominations and awards; but where was Oprah? I miss Oprah.

We also have people who were shunned or shut out, just like in previous years. So we are now officially in awards season. I love show business.

Will the future bring us more musicals with this big award winner doing so well? I think we need to lighten up and hope to see more musicals. I also want to mention the wonderful tribute to Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. It was just divine.

The Hollywood I knew and like to see is the young ones emulating divinely those who came before, and most importantly who’s wearing what and by whom.

We have E! and Ryan Seacrest looking great, as he should, and after the show we have “Fashion Police” with Melissa Rivers (producer). When you take fashion and critique it… some of the people who do this have no right they aren’t Joan Rivers, who was brilliant. They need to get a day job and stop being a critic. It’s not funny.

Stratosphere lo-down

What is really going on at the Stratosphere? After five years of success with Frankie Moreno, the show “Bite Me,” and they also had the Michael Jackson tribute, now, the announcement of the closure of “Pin Up” that showcased Claire Sinclair.

This is a show paid for by the Stratosphere – it was not a four wall production. Miss Sinclair is grateful for the years of continual support and running of her show, but the powers that be are now looking for a tenant.

Red Mercury’s Dick Feeney and Darin Feinstein (producers) are behind The World’s Greatest Rock Show, which may become the next offering at this hotel.

Latest Mariah

Last week I decided not to take apart Mariah Carey’s disaster where she tried to lip sync and then blamed Dick Clark Productions for various things not working and walked off the stage. People think I don’t like her but it’s not that at all.

If you’ve watched her reality show, or the news, you know her engagement is off and she has a new boy toy. So how will her show end without him and with this New Year’s Eve mess? I have an idea for her but this columnist will keep it to himself. Mariah, we love you my diva darling.

Good luck, Clint

A wonderful friend and good pal of mine, Clint Holmes, closed at the Palazzo. The hotel’s press release said they are behind him. He has a new recording and it’s always good news for them. He and Kelly will come out on top. They are such a talented couple and good people. He’s a writer, singer and good friend. I wish them the best and look forward to what will come next for him.

Nugget retools

The Golden Nugget downtown has had a big cleanup and some of the people who have worked there for many years were abruptly fired. But the Nugget always comes up with something new and great. They had Gordie Brown, who was really good, for seven years and they now need a new show. My money’s on whatever they do. I know they will have something wonderful for Fremont Street once again.

CES departs

Our hotels were filled to capacity for CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. Every company has a way to introduce and display the newest and best in the world to the trade, who then introduce these things to us, because the show is not open to the public. We do see glimpses on the nightly news of some of the latest things to come and then we can’t wait until these products hit the stores!

The year is starting out right. We are buzzing with tourists, sightseeing, going to shows, shopping, and sampling our fabulous restaurants. Wishing everyone a great year ahead and looking forward to good things for all of us.