Sacca all about Vegas until the end and we also say goodbye to Mary Tyler Moore

Sacca all about Vegas until the end and we also say goodbye to Mary Tyler Moore

February 07, 2017 3:00 AM


Devastating news for Las Vegas! The illustrious TV personality, Tony Sacca, 65, who I first met with his twin brother Robert, passed away from a stroke last week at Spring Valley Hospital.

Tony was one of the legends of Las Vegas – and also the mainstay of the San Gennaro Festival as well as thousands of other projects and performances. When I first came to Las Vegas he was very good to me. He had a TV and radio show plus a single act. It was that TV show where Sacca gained his claim to fame.

So many stars were interviewed such as Frankie Valli, Tony Orlando and even me a few times. I will never forget when he opened a restaurant in town. He was a great entrepreneur, entertainer and personality. He was philanthropic and always there when a cause needed help. It wouldn’t have been Christmas without one of Tony’s shows. RIP Tony, you are now reunited with your twin brother.

MTM was TV legend

I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Tyler Moore when she was going to do the Broadway show “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” We all know she started on “The Dick Van Dyke show” and was the first actress to wear capri pants on television. She was so charming, and I did her hair for the Broadway appearance. She was the first to show women as independent workers, who could make it on their own. The MTM show had a cast that included Ed Asner and Betty White.

Mary was also known for her fight against diabetes, which she suffered from for most of her life. When she recently did a show with Betty, Mary Tyler Moore was almost blind from the effects of her diabetic condition.

Playing Laura Petrie on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in the early 1960’s brought her to the attention of the American television watching public. From there on – she was famous! She will be missed by the world

SAG/Oscar tie-in?

The Screen Actors Guild Awards brought us Denzel Washington, who earned Best Actor for “Fences.” My favorite actor from “La La Land” Ryan Gosling did not win this time, but Emma Stone, his leading lady, won as did Viola Davis for Best Supporting Actress in “Fences.” The fashions I saw this time included a lot of white.

The worst dress was Nicole Kidman, with peacock feathers and emerald green… not very attractive. It was tacky, perhaps the worst dress I have ever seen!

In fashions, sometimes simple is better. Selma Hayak’s yellow ensemble was hideous, giving Kidman a run for the money.

Actor Mahershala Ali of the movie “Moonlight” gave a great and compassionate acceptance speech, among several others. The indy gem of a film depicts a young gay man and his father, who tries to communicate with him and perhaps help him find his manhood. The father finally accepts his son’s sexuality. It is a heart breaking and deeply moving film that all should see.

“Hidden Figures,” a film I saw twice, was outstanding and riveting. The uncovering of the true story of the “colored computer” girls before racial equality, was heart rending.

The performances were stellar! The only one who could figure out the IBM massive size computer with the use of the Fortran program was the character portrayed by Octavia Spencer.

The trials, tribulations, and hell these women went through, even though they were exceptionally bright and above the intelligence and mathematical skills of their white male counterparts, shows how much we have grown as a nation – or have we?

Future Strip acts?

There’s a lot of talk about what’s going on in the Phantom Of The Opera Theater at The Venetian. There have been a lot of shows talked about, but the main rumor seems to be the Carole King show, “Beautiful.” We all know the Palazzo has a big hit in “Baz.” The show is a cabaret, very clever entertainment, like “Absinthe,” which was the first show in the tent at Caesars Palace, and it has been a smash hit.

Talkin’ residency

I’ve been interested in the last few months in the residencies here in town. They are getting bigger and bigger. We do have Cher and Lionel Ritchie, and of course Ricky Martin whose show at the incredible Park Theater (Monte Carlo) is being choreographed and produced by the same people who did Michael Jackson One at Mandalay Bay. It will be fabulous, I’m sure.

Lady Gaga just did Super Bowl LI and it is in the wind that she may do a residency in Las Vegas. According to her, “I’m just an old-fashioned girl.”

Puppy love

There is a new baby in my life – a miniature, tea cup sized, male Pomeranian. The creamy white, delightful angel was brought to me by Terese DiMartino, who searched for months to find the right doggie for me. Now, I am a proud papa with a baby to care for. This was a gift from heaven and I am so indebted to Terese that words alone cannot express my gratitude. Zozo is the best puppy in the whole world! He is GQ material!

Coming soon…

I’ve been writing also about Zappo’s “Crap Shot Comedy Festival” on Fremont Street and at the headquarters space in downtown Las Vegas. At this point, we are talking about an idea they have for us together and I am proud to be part of it. More to come later on.