Tony Sacca memorial service was true celebration of life

Tony Sacca memorial service was true celebration of life

February 14, 2017 3:00 AM


I have been to many memorial services during my lifetime and the one for Tony Sacca was a true celebration of life and the way he would have wanted to go out. The room at the Stratosphere was SRO and all 650 seats occupied.

The highlight was Louie Anderson, who when he met Tony weighed 190 pounds. Tony kept calling him and they kept meeting for buffets. Louie now weighs over 300 pounds. Tony also was reminisced by Rich Little who told the story of when he went on stage dressed as Ann Margret – red wig and all – and Tony had no reaction. After the curtain went down, he almost fell on his proverbial and kept on laughing. This was an event that only Sacca could have staged.

Lance Burton was one of the great speakers along with Frankie Scinta and my best friend in the world, Tony Orlando.

Tony’s wife of ten years, Josette LeBlonde, a master chef, was elegant and heart-warmingly cordial.

Sacca’s longtime publicist Jackie Brett put this celebration of life together and the biggest surprise was Siegfried (of Siegfried and Roy) telling of meeting Tony in Puerto Rico and advising the Philadelphia native along with his twin brother Robert (who passed at 48 from leukemia) to come to Vegas and be the Sacca Twins. Tony never left. His remains will be flown to Philadelphia to be buried with his brother.

A newer Medley

I worked for years at The Red Velvet on Sunset Boulevard with Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers. I had a band called The Band of Gold, and Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley would sit in as they played. I became great fans of the Righteous Brothers’ blue-eyed soul.

After Bobby died, there was a time of solo performing for Bill or sometimes with  his talented daughter, McKenna. Now, he has taken on a new partner and the sound is just as terrific as it once was.

Always a Wynner

Steve Wynn has admirably donated $5 million for eye degeneration research. A true philanthropist, he has suffered from degenerative eye disorder/disease for many years. He wants a cure for all. This is a side of Steve that rarely hits the press as he is a tough tycoon and successful casino builder.

A dining institution

Sad news – Frank Pellegrino, the patriarch of Rao’s Restaurant at Caesars Palace and the original in NYC where I used to dine with the late Ruth Bowen, passed away last week. Rao’s was a NYC institution for the best Italian food imaginable and when it came here every detail was watched over by Frank.

It’s Over

We thought the Super Bowl was thrilling this year. Where was Tom Brady in the first half? The second half – broke the all the time record of five Super Bowl wins for The Patriots! The sportsbooks said it would be under 59 points total, but Monti knew it would be Over!

The half-time performance by Lady Gaga was not a wipe-out and, properly advised, she did not give her political speech. That was a good thing for her image. There were too many theatrics going on – too many illusions, and not enough of Gaga.

Remember Beyonce? That was a top drawer winner! Lady Gaga did not give it her all, and at the end of her performance, she even threw the microphone to the ground. What is going on?

Brady is one of the greatest super stars at 39 and he is not retiring. Rumor has it LeBron James will be exiting the NBA after this season. Remember, you heard it first here. Still, it has to be proven.

Waking up Lion

We hear about “La La Land,” “Fences” and so on. However “Lion” is at the top among excellent films released. It is the search for a man’s birth mother as he is taken from India as a lost child (he was separated from his older brother) and transported by an illegal adoption ring to a couple in Tasmania.

The wife was played by Nicole Kidman and the film is alerting the world about the horrific conditions of adoption trafficking in India. Each year about 68,000 youths are disappearing and this must stop!

Odds & Ends

One of my favorite film actors, Ryan Reynolds, was honored by Harvard University earlier this month when he received the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year award. Last month, Octavia Spencer was given the Woman of the Year from the Hasty Pudding group.

My lovable comic, Ricky Gervais, is going back into the series, “The Office.” Hurrah!!! A smile, a chuckle and a great comedian, too!

Valentine’s Day is here – so show your sweetie some true loving by going to a Las Vegas restaurant, see a show and have a ball. My new sweetie, ZOZO, and I plan to attend din-din at Puppy Palace and then go shopping for rhinestone collars in the Forum Shops!!!! Have a great week.