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Smith Center books Hamilton for 2017-18 season; Boyz II Men big smash at Mirage

Mar 14, 2017 3:00 AM

The Smith Center reached its five year mark and showed it’s better than ever by booking the huge Broadway smash Hamilton for the 2017-2018 season. The dates haven’t been announced by officials but they say it will be here at least a week and likely longer.

I enjoy going to a first class show for my cultural relief and Smith Center provides some of the finest performers from this town and worldwide. One of the favorite places within the Center is The Cabaret. Yours truly, has been there many times to see such performers as Clint and Kelly Holmes, Barbara Cook, and some of the best New York and international entertainers. One of my favorites is Conversations with Norm – he really knows how to do a great on-stage interview!

An adult booking

Boyz II Men performed recently at the Mirage to thunderous approval and will be there again this weekend. They are shattering records with a 20-year run in the business and, yes, they still have it! What it boils down to is that everything old is new again!


Red Mercury Entertainment is taking over the Tropicana! The empty rooms are going to be in full swing again. There will be a male revue – another one is always welcome on the Strip! Another rock show will be coming in – more on that to come.

Growing appetite

Brand new restaurants at many properties and local areas are beginning to open their doors. Canter’s, a Los Angeles tradition, is opening at the Linq and in June will open at Tivoli Village in Summerlin.

Nora’s fine Italian cuisine is a smash success in its own property with more room for diners. And soon, Giovanni Mauro, son of Gino and Nora, owner’s of the resaturant, will open a new a pizzeria, Monzu, at their old Flamingo Road location.

Bronx cheer

Las Vegas producer Alan Glist, who originally did Menopause, has a hit show at Bally’s Window Showroom – The Bronx Wanderers. Also, Menopause finally, after 10 plus years, is doing a cast album of the show.

At Hooters, we have a show from L.A. called Rock Fantasy – a tribute to many artists and groups. What I appreciated very much was that they use a live band!

Also, at the Flamingo, Legends in Concert has reworked itself again.

Always go downtown

We went there again, this time for the Neon Museum’s newest exhibits that were part of a $425,000 grant. On Fremont Street there was the international sign spinning contest with participants from all over the globe. The winner was Jose Angeles from the Sacramento, Calif., area. He spun away with a $5,000 prize. Years ago we saw the men and ladies wear sandwich signs, then came people in costumes, but the spin signs became an art form sort of like advertising on skateboards. These people really have their skills down pat – and are amazing to watch in action.

Creedence call

Even if it is just for a week or a weekend it is called a “residence.” The latest is John Fogerty with the voice still resonating from his days with Creedence Clearwater Revival back in the hallucinating 60’s.

I remember, a few years ago, when Joe Jackson tried to reunite and bring the Jacksons back together in Las Vegas and couldn’t get a real bite. Now – it would be a sell-out move!

It is all about money as productions need the green to spark it up, advertise and get the word out – plus pay the staff and performers. It is a costly investment and many are frightened to take that leap.

Odds & Ends

Exhibitor Live arrived at Mandalay Bay Sunday and will be there through Thursday. This is the industry’s biggest educational seminar event for those wonderful people who have put together conference and trade show displays for over 29 years!

The films at local theaters are mainly the Oscar nominees and winners, but a few strange ones have come out – including “Get Out!”, a horror/comedy film that makes you giggle. It’s not bad to laugh at a genre that has been overdone over the years. A beautiful film called “A United Kingdom” depicts pre-aparthied in South Africa. It is an amazing true story and beautifully rendered.

Another take on “surreality TV” is the latest Housewives show scripted, blocked, and with a lot of libations to loosen up the participants. Sad but true… and boring.

Louie, Louie, Louie Anderson got his intimate room, which is what he sought. More details will be coming forthright. I liked Louie as the Emmy award cross-dressing mom in “Baskets.” He’s a lifetime funnyman!

The coming arrival of the NHL Golden Knights plus the money promised for the proposed sports arena may spawn more TV production facilities in Vegas. That would be a shot in the arm for our town. And thanks to those who were kind to me when I was under the weather. It is good to know that people really care.

Blessings to you all.