Heaven now has greatest roaster as Vegas mourns passing of Don Rickles

Heaven now has greatest roaster as Vegas mourns passing of Don Rickles

April 11, 2017 3:00 AM


It was with great sadness I heard of the passing of legendary comic, Don Rickles, 90. He was a genius funnyman, who always knew just what his audiences wanted and kept on performing with vigor and full houses.

The great era of the Rat Pack has grown smaller. I send my sincere wishes of sympathy to his family and friends, and I hope America never forgets how much this icon contributed to the making of Las Vegas.

Rest in peace.

What a Hoot!

I went back to Hooters. This was about their new showroom and dinner show, starring Jarrett & Raja from “America’s Got Talent.” They were on “Shark Tank” to raise money to produce a Las Vegas show, and although they didn’t get it they have manged to put together the show at Hooters.

At their opening, they had Clint Holmes helping with one of their magic tricks. Also in the audience, was media, including Mike Wetherford and Cheryl Kagan. Of course, the illustrious Jaki Baskow, was being hysterically funny. The show at Hooters is in a beautiful refurbished dining room and a must see for the entire family.

La Vida Carlo

The super big news is having Ricky Martin opening at The Monte Carlo. The fanfare has already started with the press and it’s a show produced and written by the top people in the business. I am a fan of Martin as I am of Britney Spears. Who ever thought she would be such a colossal hit! Rumor has it Gordie Brown will also be opening at the Monte Carlo.


And of course, J Lo (aka Jennifer Lopez) is breaking all records and hearts again. She soon will be engaged to retired baseball standout Alex Rodriguez and the romance is going great. He has been introduced to her mother and it’s being said wedding bells are not far off for these two. That’s my Puerto Rican girl. Go get ‘em, Jenny.

Mob questions

I’ve been writing about downtown for a while but haven’t mentioned The Mob Museum. Remember, the Mafia did build Las Vegas, from Bugsy Siegel to Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal.

They’re having a Q&A with many people in town discussing the building of this town and how the Mafia started and created the entertainment, the food and all of Sin City for us to enjoy. The desert never leaves a trail and many may lie in peace under suburban developments in the valley.

Havana fever

Cuba is not dead, evidenced by some friends of mine who just returned from a Havana sojourn – it was the 1950’s all over again! The best part of the music and entertainment scene was in Old Havana. The Buena Vista Social Club (subject of a well-received documentary several years ago) was alive and kicking ass-ets, Cuban style! Get ready for a tourist invasion of Cuba – it is remerging and appealing to Americans who never had the opportunity to go there before.

Vegas gone Country

Country music is a staple in Las Vegas. The recent American Country Music awards at T-Mobile were mind blasting!

The way the music has become intertwined with pop and other genres of music is incredible. The humor that pierced throughout the event was fantastic.

Rockin’ buffet

I went recently to the Red Rock buffet (Station Casinos) and it did not disappoint – filled with great gourmet choices and they even served many flavors of gelato along with special petit fours. It is always crowded, but worth the wait! Gorge, enjoy, and come back for more.

Odds & Ends

Tony Orlando recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Many of my friends were guests at his dinner and he was gracious to comp us all and gave an incredible speech about me as a columnist. Remarkably, for me, he has always been in my corner as a friend and cheerleader. We are the boys from The Bronx – fellow Puerto Rican amigos.

• Shecky Greene is now in rehab from a damaged hip. He’s coming along – no calls please. He is recuperating from orthopedic surgery. Get well soon, Shecky!

• Murray The Magician told me last week, he is going on a USO tour, which he does every year. Stay safe, Murray! Don’t make our boys disappear! Good luck, Sawchuck!