Celine creates a memorable moment for Vegas fan

Celine creates a memorable moment for Vegas fan

April 18, 2017 3:00 AM


Forget about the rules of a concert venue! Last week the Colosseum at Caesars Palace had one of the most amazing incidents that turned out sweet and was handled superbly by the talented and sage Celine Dion! It was a “you had to be there” moment!

A man, shorter than Celine, with dark wavy hair and a dancer’s body,  leaped onstage during a transitional time between songs in her performance. He came from the audience and literally flew into the air and got onstage with the star!

This guy wanted to give her a song he wrote for her. This fan, who was slightly fanatic, was covered with perspiration and had on thick heeled black patent shoes – they had to be dancers’ shoes! He was in awe – he got his 15 almost minutes of fame – but when the house security started to approach the stage, Celine politely said, “No, I’ve got this one.”

She handled him as a mother would a child or a teacher a student and did it with panache, never losing her cool. The man sang the song (without orchestration, although the piano picked up a little on the melody. He sang his heart out to her, acapella! Celine actually let him sing a short duet with her, and all of this was not preplanned.

Also, Celine is closing in on 1,050 performances at Caesars and has been signed on for more residency dates, including New Year’s Eve.

Deja view, Clint

Holmes is coming home again! By Holmes, I mean Clint, and by home, I mean the Golden Nugget. Yes – what a full circle!

Clint started his major LV residency in 1999 at the Nugget, amid TV commercials, billboards and airport welcome signs! The publicity that was used by the GN back then was terrific!

It really launched Clint’s career in Las Vegas, as he was already a known recording artist with a hit song, and a headliner in Atlantic City. He was the best, and when he came here all the stops were pulled out for his new “home.”

Clint has always been a great supporter and friend of this columnist and I surely wish him well. He will continue his Cabaret Jazz appearances at the Smith Center.

It’s OK, Barry

So what if it was revealed that Barry Manilow was gay. I was gay before gay was gay. The press said if this had been out in the open, he would have lost his fans. We all knew he was gay and had married his partner of 40 years. My partner and I were together for 42 years and decided not to get married. What I’m trying to say is, everyone is coming out of the closet. It’s like the thing to do.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn! When I lived in Hollywood for nine years there was a clique of stars that went out all the time. We were bi-sexual or tri-sexual or married or gay – no one knew or cared; except for Rock Hudson, whose partner sued him because of AIDS. There were so many, like Tab Hunter, Anthony Perkins and, of course, Liberace. Liberace was the one I felt sorriest for because he couldn’t come out as gay, but he wore my dresses and had a better dressmaker. We love you, Barry, and always will.

Billboard to a T

The Billboard Awards show is one of the biggest on ABC. Drake received 22 nominations… the highest any artist has ever gotten. Other nominees this year are Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Prince and Rihanna. The awards will take place at the T-Mobile Arena on May 21. The T-Mobile has had one incredible year with every type of concert, awards show, and athletic event. A great venue indeed!

Say it ain’t so, Brit

It breaks my heart that Britney Spears has announced final dates of her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. She is leaving in December after her four-year residency, as her contract with Caesars Entertainment has come to an end. She’s had an up and down career; the breakdowns, the meltdowns, the divorces, but what I love about her is she bounces back again and again. I wish her the best because she’s one of the best.

Happy Spring! I hope you all had a great Spring break – either with family, extended family, or just enjoying the time of year when Vegas does it best; the weather is so divine! I wish you all well and hope your bunnies did not lay too many eggs!