Magic Mike Live a hit even without Channing Tatum

Magic Mike Live a hit even without Channing Tatum

May 02, 2017 3:00 AM


At the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino, Magic Mike Live (from the film starring Channing Tatum, who produced this show) is ripping off their clothes. The audience expected to see Channing – but Channing is not in the show!

However, it is a good male revue and owes much of its success to the film, which generated all the pre-publicity by the very means that it was a brand name already. How many strip shows do you need to change a light bulb? We are also missing the females who used to dominate this particular genre. I miss them and so do many other men.

At the Rio, we have the Chippendales, which started out on Second Avenue, near the 59th Street Bridge many years ago in NYC. They were a cult favorite and then Vegas caught on and imported the show with new stars to our Strip. Then we had the Aussie’s terrific Thunder From Down Under at the Exalibur. Thunder, produced by Adam Steck, has been voted the favorite of all these male revues. More to come.

We’ll drink to that

At the National Automatic Merchandising Association convention, we were thrilled when we saw what the future will bring – even alcoholic drinks will be dispersed via machines. And we all thought (memories from NYC – Horn and Hardart where you put nickels into a slot and various types of food appeared at glass doors for you to take to your table) this was a lost bygone industry. Revival!

Imagine getting your Italian gelato straight from a machine! The only drawback could be for those who want special orders or changes made to their choice. Therefore, the bartenders, barristers and ice cream vendors will still be needed for that personal touch. However, for those who just need a quick “fix,” this will help long lines at theaters, and the theater will still make a percentage from the machine. If they are leased, it will be like a two-wall show, if owned, then it is house property. Many new ideas were shown at this Expo.

Pros bring jobs

Speaking of expos, the NAB – National Association of Broadcasters, was in town last week at an invite only – no public was admitted, to show their latest and gave many lectures and educational sessions to the attendees. With all of these conventions continuing to come to our city and two major league teams – the Golden Knights (NHL) and the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders (2020), we will be overwhelmed with room occupancy and I predict rate increases. Plus the taxes from those rooms will  be used to help finance the new stadium.

It seems like yesterday we were just a town in the desert. Now, we are on the way to becoming a major metropolis. Think of how this will also affect real estate? Many of the players on these teams and the staff will need homes, high rises, etc. to have for their stays in LV – and this will increase the luxury market as it now stands. It will trickle down to the regular real estate properties as well – I predict a full comeback for all those who suffered during our meltdown.

Taj Ma-holla!

Taj Express, a Bollywood musical review, was at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. It was a production type of show – done Indian style! The costumes were incredible and the talent was very good as well! The Smith Center continues to surprise us with new and different types of musicals, some with a definite international flavor – thus giving different ethnicities the spotlight! Well done, Myron Martin!

Another Zhivago

At the cinema “The Promise,” in all of its over two hours length won’t have you wondering when this is going to end. It is an enduring and historical drama set against the glories of the Ottoman Empire, showing how it was destroyed by the Turks and what went on in the genocide of over 1.5 million Armenians! It is an amazing story. Isaac Oscar, the male lead, reminds me of Dr. Zhivago’s Omar Sharif in his looks and talent. I hope the Academy Awards nominating committee will make him a nominee for next year. Do see this epic film.

Odds & Ends

• Shecky Greene is finally home on the mend after hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, all from a fall at his beloved, and my personal favorite, The Italian American Club on East Sahara. That place has a fantastic history and continues to offer great food and libations, along with entertainment.

• Also Sir Elton John had to cancel his dates at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace due to a bacterial infection that has him down and under doctor’s close care. He will be back in October and all his friends, fans, and this columnist wish him a speedy recovery and ongoing good health.

• Performers and producers are working on a special tribute to the late Vinny Falcone. He was a musician’s musician, having played for all the greats, including Frank Sinatra. Pia Zadora and many others are getting this tribute together for a date to be announced.