Met Gala event stolen by Kendall Jenner's style; Seacrest joins Kelly

Met Gala event stolen by Kendall Jenner's style; Seacrest joins Kelly

May 09, 2017 3:00 AM


The Met Gala! Fashion’s front runner over the years surprised us this time with the takeover by the newest and fiercest designs from Comme des Garcons and Rei Kawabuko.

The names are not familiar to most of my readers, but these are the trend setting newest and best in the fashion world! The red carpet looks were sensational! Kendall Jenner – who took over the cover of this month’s Bazaar in an orange pleated dress confection – is definitely way above the other Kardashian ladies in both natural looks, style, class – and as she herself says, “I am more of a Jenner than a Kardashian.”

Need I say more? She stole the red carpet right out from under the “K” girls!!!

AC 1, Seacrest 0

Ryan Seacrest – where have you gone? You have gone the way of many – now becoming the co-host with Kelly Ripa. Is this a come down or a put down? I had hoped for my favorite news and commentary man, Anderson Cooper (son of the very unique Gloria Vanderbilt – yes, those Vanderbilt’s – old money)!

Anderson is too classy and intelligent to succumb to being a Kelly sidekick. He stands on his own and is sure of himself. CNN has him and he is not going anywhere that is schlock. He has class, aplomb and savvy – the star of intelligent commentary!

By the way, Seacrest is the co-producer of The Kardashians and – rumor has it – very soon the plug will be pulled on them! Can you possibly imagine not having to listen to their drivel and self-effacing and boring chit-chat! I definitely can. Give it up, the reality TV clock has run out!

Agassi power

The 21st Annual Power of Love  gala had Andre Agassi (who has done so much for local education from his Academy) and his tennis winning wife Steffi Graf donating one million dollars. God bless the Agassi’s.

The dinner benefits the Keep the Memory Alive charity that helps support the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and was founded by Lou’s son, Larry Ruvo. Larry and his gorgeous wife, have kept Vegas on its charitable toes. Each year – so many people have succumbed to the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease, and every effort made to conquer this leeching of the mind is incredible.

The Rev near 78

I did it – as I said in last week’s column – Isabel Tinghino is now officially Mrs. Tony Sciotto. It felt good returning to the role as the Reverend and legally tying the knot for two of my favorite people.

Speaking of uplifting events, I turn 78 on May 29. No fooling! I am going to celebrate the event this year with a Celebration of Life dedicated to my unwavering and irreplaceable partner in life, Bruce Moshman, who left this world last June 24.

Cinco de Latino!

Cinco de Mayo has passed, but what a weekend of Latinos! Paul Rodriguez held court at the Tropicana – a Latin with a great flair for comedy. In conjunction, there was the Canelo Alvarez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight at the T-Mobile Arena, which Canelo won by unanimous decision, and there were celebrations all over the city of Las Vegas! Cinco is the joy of life.

Odds & Ends

On a lighter note – I am getting obsessed with the Andy Cohen la-di-da-ism. Andy – what really are you? Notice I did not say, who – but what.

Zozo the wonder dog has become a Prince, knighted by a queen. Whatever. Have a great week.