Royal Cher takes the throne at the Park Monte Carlo

Royal Cher takes the throne at the Park Monte Carlo

May 16, 2017 3:00 AM


Cher – an icon, a diva of royalty – has survived it all and each year she becomes more beautiful and glamorous! We saw her in the Park at the Monte Carlo last week. The lady continues to reinvent herself and loves what she does. She is our visiting queen of Las Vegas residencies. Her special effects seem to always be over the top and so is the performance.

I remember the time when she and Sonny co-hosted “The Mike Douglas Show” from Philadelphia back in the 1960’s. Mike would have numerous co-hosts a week on his talk/entertainment show that was broadcast live at 4:30 p.m. on WNEW Ch. 5 in NYC.

The Douglas format is alive and well today, as many of our afternoon talk/entertainment shows have taken those soap opera syndrome serials out of the picture (except for the remaining few that are untouchable). People today like action, humor, entertainment and not the seriousness of the soap opera genre.

Songbook lives!

Twenty years ago Clint Holmes played the Golden Nugget and now he’s back. Clint is making a full circle in his residency at the GN and will be performing new works as well as many of the Great American Songbook’s standards. How I love Gershwin, Coward, and the memories of Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, the Big Band Era, Leonard Bernstein (“West Side Story”) along with Rodgers and Hammerstein

Today’s newbies should sit back and really listen to what makes great music. Diana Krall will be returning for another set of performances in the near future. She is a lady I truly respect. Her playing of the piano coincides with a terrific ability to belt out a soft jazz or standard until it thrills the heart and gives one goose bumps.

Emerging Dragons

Of the newer idols and icons Imagine Dragons has emerged over the past few years as a home grown sensation. It grew from an opening act to a fill-in for Train at the House of Blues. It was at the Hard Rock that Dan Reynolds met Aja Volkman, his wife to be. They now boast three children, including twins.

Their newest album/CD, called Evolve, is about to be released. I can’t wait to hear it and take in the growth of their superlative new age rock music. We hope they stay in Vegas.

Fever at 40

“Saturday Night Fever” is now celebrating its 40th year since it was filmed. It has become a cult and public favorite, never losing the story nor changing the beat. None other than Rev. Monti was the irrepressible DJ in the film with John Travolta. More to come on the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of this iconic work of cinema.

Cinema hi-lites

It was an interesting week in film with “The Circle,” starring Emily Watson and Tom Hanks. Hanks is the head of the corporation that brings big brother type of watching the world into minute cameras camouflaged everywhere. I value privacy so this is scary.

Jonathan amazes

After being diagnosed with a terminal heart condition in 2010, the Amazing Jonathan has proved to be just that. He has toured around our great land of America and seems to fight off the one year expectancy that was in his diagnosis. With faith, support and a special nod from above Jonathan will be playing back in Las Vegas in October at Rocks Lounge at the Red Rock Casino. I cannot wait to see my dear friend perform.

More tragedy

Hank, my favorite brother (I came from a family of six) passed away last week after a lengthy illness. He was a NYC Golden Gloves champion, an actor, an incredible artist. His art works adorn my home and all those tee shirts, jackets and wearables were designed by him. Hank was my mentor, my guardian of life, my inspiration, my most beloved man. He always will be in my heart and soul.

Peace to you, my readers, you’ll never know how much I appreciate you.