Proud to be a part of Las Vegas

Proud to be a part of Las Vegas

June 06, 2017 3:00 AM


June has arrived! The holiday weekend is now behind us and Las Vegas is ready for the onslaught of the summer vacationers – pool party clubs, headliners and restaurants.

I can well remember quite a number of years ago when Las Vegas was off-season for the summer. Now it is the worldwide destination for summer frolicking! How great it is to be here. Every time I have to fly out of town, I look out my window as I approach McCarran on my way back, and feel a certain sense of “I am home” and pride in our great city.

And a city it has become – the millions who live, work, visit, hold conventions, do business here is overwhelming. New projects such as arenas (Raiders stadium), hotels (Resorts World) are all making our town a major star on the world map.

One of a Kind

I have been going to several shows around town. I adored seeing again, compliments of Richard Sturm, Michael Jackson’s “One” at Mandalay Bay. It was complete with a fabulous dinner experience. Richard is one of the few upper echelon men in this town who takes the time to remember old friends and treats them well. He’s a very special person.

Hurray for Gay

New to Vegas after two years in NYC is the crazy, sensational show with Kendra Wilkinson (Kendra On Top) titled “Sex Tips From A Gay Man To A Straight Woman.” What a hoot! It’s both funny and real. Rodriguez was in the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy TV show about how to dress to appeal to the ladies. A great show that I do miss. See this one soon for Kendra has a limited contract and is devoted to her family back in L.A.

PH Factors

At Planet Hollywood’s Cabaret sensation Gordie Brown blasted the audience away with his impressions and great singing! Even in a smaller venue than before, sans orchestra but using programmed music, he takes that stage and makes it seem larger than life. I see more things in the future for Gordie, who is a true gentleman. Also at Planet Hollywood is Jennifer Lopez, among the best of the divas around. We are both from the Bronx and fellow Latinos.

More Talent!

America’s Got Talent is back on TV. I am thrilled and so is the rest of the world! It is a chain breaker for all the other make or break shows that followed suit – and it is still the number one in its class! I loved every moment of it. I remember when I was a boy, “Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour” started this trend, and this is the best!

My mother, Rose, took me to audition for the Amateur Hour when I was a small boy in the Bronx. It was my first real intro into the professional world of entertainment. Then came, of course, the later years, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, and yada, yada  yada!

Odds & Ends

Ate at Paymon’s with some dear friends and had a true feast on their chicken curry and lamb kabob. A dinner fit for a king on West Sahara near Cimarron. Great atmosphere and libations, terrific food along with divine service. A fabulous place for a real meal and atmosphere.

The English Garden was the perfect place to celebrate my recent 78th birthday. Guests included the fabulous Dana Roselli of Channel 13, one of the super ladies of broadcasting who is down to earth in her private life. The Garden may add a coffee shop to the flower shop on Maryland (Tiffany Square). This would be unique and a true destination. I can see having a latte or a cappuccino and smelling the beautiful environment as I relax.

Happy June to you all!