Grande response for Manchester

Grande response for Manchester

June 13, 2017 3:00 AM


All I can say about the horror that hit Manchester, England is what wonderful young entertainers we have who really have great hearts.

Ariana Grande put together another concert to help the victims and even went to hospital in Manchester to visit those injured. She was in great voice at the sold out show as was Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. I have found new respect for both.

Miley has come into her own – a lady of elegance, class. Maybe she finally realized that childish period made no sense and is now following the paths of Madonna and Lady Gaga. I do hope class is back – the jet set era was so great.

Pharrell did a wonderful job at the concert as did Manchester’s own – Liam Gallagher, who brought the house down! The former Oasis singer was superb and gave his home boys and gals the pay it forward domino effect. Manchester’s Parrs Wood Chorus joined in on Grande’s “My Everything” and the entire event was a blessing from performers to help those who need emotional and physical help.

It was a feeling that launched the uber concerts of the 1970’s that helped causes, from hunger in Biafra to any needs that were world-wide. Yes – it is time to give back!

Baby, baby

What a week, the maternity rooms were having a blast-off of new celebrity children! Our own Zowie Bowie lead Chris Phillips and his wife, Jennifer welcomed their precious new girl, Ava Rose. On the international celebrity scene – George Clooney and his wife, the devastatingly beautiful Amal, brought two fraternal twins Alexander and Ella into this world.

Clooney once said he’d never be a daddy or a husband. Wrong. I do so well remember his aunt, Rosemary, and how great a singer she was back in the 1950’s. She was an all-time great with the big band era orchestras and went on to become a solo artist.

Great theater

The Tony Awards came to Radio city Music Hall for its annual award presentation. This award show sparkled with talent from the Great White Way of Broadway and really gives awards to those who deserves them – it is not a red carpet, who wore what or an old boy’s friendship, pat on the back, popularity contest – but a judgment of real talent.

I love the live performances from the shows that are done right on stage. Speaking of Broadway, Bette Midler does a wonderful version of Dolly Levi in “Hello Dolly!” Carol Channing always was the best Dolly ever casted. Channing also did “Gentlemen prefer Blondes” and is a national treasure!

Aside from “Hamilton,” many newer shows just don’t have that special glamour, talent and zoom that makes a Broadway smash! Yes – we have touring companies, even here at the Smith Center, but nothing approaches being on Broadway and going to Sardi’s after or before curtain.

Parking, please!

The proposed new stadium site for the Raiders has room for only 15 percent of the required parking spaces. Bad location, I believe. They need to build it further from the Strip, where there is maximum room for parking expansion, and room to breathe. Too bad they have already closed on the land purchase.

People will come. Just hop on a special bus. The Giants and Jets do it at the Meadowlands. Busses operate from the Port Authority and it only takes 15 minutes. On time and inexpensive! The lines move – the people are happy. I used to love to take that route. So why not here? We’ll see.

No matter how they decide to solve the problem, one thing is certain – it will cost mega dollars so be prepared to dig deep into your pockets.

Wonder wow!

Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman” is just that. She gives an unbelievably great rendition of the TV and comic classic plus it’s directed by a woman, too! The length does not bother one. Gadot is simply gorgeous, and strong. She was a soldier in the Israeli army once!

The film grossed three percent over the expected $100 million box office revenue. A lot of theaters in Vegas were sold out or had only a few seats remaining. See this magnificent piece of film making!

Dynamic duo

Carlos Santana continues to rock with the Isley Brothers. They are back on stage together and in Santana’s new album. From sitting in hallways in San Francisco, and working his fingers to the bone, Carlos deserves his recognition and fame – he is talented and a great man!

Good advice: In Las Vegas’ triple digit heat, please stay where it is cool – casinos, theaters, restaurants, and keep hydrated!