Vegas offered great Fourth of July weekend entertainment; Sheeran performs at T-Mobile Arena August 4

Vegas offered great Fourth of July weekend entertainment; Sheeran performs at T-Mobile Arena August 4

July 11, 2017 3:00 AM


I am writing from my recliner chair in a bathrobe after getting through some difficult surgery.

I thought it would be a snap, with at most a 10-day recovery time. Not the case. When the surgeon went in to re-fix a congenital hernia, he discovered many areas needed permanent stitching, My new recuperation window is now four weeks!

Thanks to my special friends for all the help. My column is not a necessary task, but a joy. I thrive upon my readers as they peruse my stories and tales straight from the hip (or hernia).

The “last supper” prior to surgery was a feast – fit for a king! I had a very special meal of Osso Busco at Ferraro’s with some friends. Our attentive and gracious server, Josh Miller, made this meal magnificent. There is a special at Ferraro’s for $49.95 that runs throughout the summer – anyone who passes it up should be ashamed!

We began our repast with a choice of salad or appetizers. The calamari is one of the best I have ever had in Las Vegas – succulent, not rubbery, crisped but not greasy – and the sauce was a sweet (non-sugar added) paste that reminded me of Tutta Roma gravy paste from the N.Y. area.

Cappuccino made from Lavazzo “caffee” (let’s keep it in proper Italiano) was the topper with cannolis that had the correct crispness of the outer shell and perfectly made mascarpone sweet cream inside. We were also served a tiramisu that was incredible.

Ferraro’s is opposite the Hard Rock Hotel and a must to dine in Las Vegas.

Stirring the pot

First medical, now recreational. Smoke your weed, eat your edibles, vape your ganja, or take the liquid concentrate and create your own method of having a high time! But do not drive under its influence and keep it in your house away from curious youngsters.

Lines formed at 12:01 a.m., July 1, the first day for sales, as certain dispensaries opened their doors for our new legal enjoyment. We are now in the group of forward thinking states, along with Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Colorado that all have recreational sales. California will soon be following.

If you live in Henderson you have to drive a short way to Las Vegas to obtain your weed, as there is a “freeze” on the distribution of it as of now.

Rockin’ Vegas

The holiday weekend entertainment choices were absolutely stellar! From the T-Mobile Arena we had Rammstein with Korn and Stone Sour (July 1) plus Iron Maiden (July 3)– to-die-for concerts! Ted Nugent rocked at Sunset Station. Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch had incredible fireworks displays that lit up our hearts and minds.

This past week Richard Cheese was at the Red Rock and Sinbad was at Green Valley Ranch. Blondie (oh, she is a sexy rocker!) was at the Palms. Speaking of the Palms – their pool and Ghostbar will have Brody Jenner alternating in performance dates.

If you like the blues buy your tickets now for Jimmy Thackery and Anthony Gomes – July 20 and Aug. 3 respectively, at Boulder Station..

You also don’t want to miss the great Ed Sheeran, with his eclectic  combination of electronic pop, folk and hip-hop at T-Mobile Arena on Aug. 4.

Brooks at 91!

Mel Brooks, wow what a genius! I heard through my grapevine how terrific he was at The Wynn. He has always been on top of everything – a 91-year-old man who keeps churning out the funniest and most memorable artistic humor that has ever been created. An Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar winner – that’s big time.

Even Young Frankenstein could not tap shoe his way into a seat while Mel was Putting On The Ritz at his show! Please, Mel, come back for another show to give some of us a chance to see you – we are die-hard fans of your outrageous/satirical humor!

Now, it is time for me to close this week’s column, get my necessary rest and nutrition and say, I ain’t down yet!