Add soccer to the growing list of Vegas sports franchises

Add soccer to the growing list of Vegas sports franchises

July 25, 2017 3:00 AM


Add soccer to the growing list of pro sports franchises in Las Vegas.

Last week the seven members of the Las Vegas City Council voted unanimously to approve a 15-year lease agreement for a United Soccer League team to play its home games at Cashman Field starting in February for the 2018 season.

Brett Lashbrook, who founded Las Vegas Soccer LLC, is the owner of the minor league franchise. Las Vegas becomes the 33rd team to join the USL, a developmental program for Major League Soccer.

Cashman Field will be home for the USL team, which will play 16 regular season home games in 2018, and could face MLS and international clubs during preseason in February. The regular season and postseason runs from March to early November. Cashman seats 10,000 and the team will share dates with baseball’s Las Vegas 51’s, the Triple-A minor league home of the New York Mets.

The average attendance for the USL’s top 10 drawing teams in 2016 was 6,724, a 25 percent increase from 2015, according to league figures. Soccer is international and Las Vegas is an international destination. In other words this is a perfect fit.

A new circus

The circus is coming to town. Not the Cirque type of circus but the old fashioned genre that was an entertainment source for over a hundred years for most of the United States, travelling to places where people did not usually get permanent shows or entertainment.

However, keeping with the new trend and humane factor, this circus – CIRCUS 1903 – is done with animatronic animals – an elephant that is not to be believed – it is so real it defies reality!! The show started this week at the Paris Las Vegas showroom. My calendar is marked in red for this super anticipated event. I know I will be lost in the century gap of the circus world.

Ape for sequel

Do not miss “War for the Planet of the Apes,” the latest in a series of movies that debuted in 1968 and the third of the reboot series. The third time is definitely the charm – the apes are humane and have truer emotions (and better SFX than ever before). The story, their pilgrimage, reminds me of our current world crisis. It is an analogy to today’s happenings. You must see this gem!

Home again

Another pal is no longer “showroomless.” Gordie Brown was without a showroom after the cabaret at Planet Hollywood announced plans to convert the space. Well, now it is official, Gordie will fill in the 5:30 p.m. slot at Planet Hollywood’s Sin City Theater. The starting date is yet to be announced… stay tuned!

Shrinking Rock!

People have always said I am my best promoter; some have even said my head is off somewhere or I have “a swollen head.” Well, Monti is shrinking!!! To clarify, my head is now “officially” shrunken!

On Sunday, July 23, Clair Sinclair and I received The Shrunken Head Award at the second anniversary of Branden Powers’ Golden Tiki club on Spring Mountain Road. I have been good friends with Branden for a number of years and he is a true good guy and supporter of moi! Thank you, Branden Powers, for all you have done.

I got a real kick out of this award but I’ve only been shrunken in effigy – my ego is still the same as is my hat size – big! I do love awards!!!

Bravo, Mimi

Mimi Hines celebrated her 84th birthday at The Sicilian Ristorante on the east side of town near Pecos and Tropicana last week. The party was totally divine and very fun!

Mimi starred in the Broadway smash “Funny Girl” in the 1960’s, succeeding the fabulous Barbra Streisand. Mimi is a Broadway and entertainment world legend – her still vibrant personality and smile glow wherever she goes. A real person, who lives in Las Vegas, she is not self-involved as many others of her fame. She is a great friend of mine and will continue to be forever! Congratulations on your 84th, my dear, dear, Mimi Hines!

Monti strong

For the first time in a few weeks I am feeling, stronger. Thank you, and thumbs up to Dr. Lovett who performed my surgery. As ZoZo the wonder dog and I close out another week, I wish all of you peace and happiness.