Vegas pride shows in tough time

October 10, 2017 3:00 AM


What a sad, terrible week.

The aftermath from the tragic shootings at the Route 91 Harvest Festival of country music demonstrated the strength and goodwill among all citizens of the Las Vegas area. When people heard about it, they converged to offer assistance in any way possible.

Gifts of food and water, complimentary rides by ride-sharing drivers (some even drove people to L.A. and San Diego), the huge blood drives, then free lodging for victims and their families – it went on and on as we all chipped in to offer aid or simply listened to offer comfort.

From such lows to such heights… I was so proud of each and every one of you.

‘Block’ party

Jennifer Lopez is looking fabulous (Is ex-baseball great Alex Rodriguez true husband material?) in her new show, “All I Have” at Planet Hollywood. One song by J-Lo, “Jenny from the Block,” is to die for. A great show.

In respect for the victims of last week’s shootings on the Strip, Lopez cancelled the last three dates of her current residency. Tickets will be refunded or transferred to new dates to be announced. Lopez is currently scheduled to return in February.

In the meantime, let’s not forget Brittney Spears at Planet Hollywood with her show, “Piece of Me.” It runs thru Dec. 31; tickets are on sale now.

In another tragedy, I have to give it to Jennifer for stepping to the plate and donating $1 million to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, while the television network Univision gave air time for several telethons for additional millions.

What is needed now is manpower, but I feel as a child of Puerto Rico – my real name is Joseph Montanez, Jr. – this has touched the core of my humanity. It’s such a beautiful island. The sad thing is the looting – friends of mine are stuck in their homes to prevent these thugs from stealing anything of value or importance.

So let’s not forget about Puerto Rico. The devastation is beyond any consequence anyone can imagine. It’s unbelievable. No electricity. No phones. No drinkable water. It’s Gilligan’s Island – but for real! Could you survive such in such an environment?

I recently completed a pair of PSA’s to urge people to aid with the disaster on our nation’s island territory in The Caribbean.

Clint’s ‘playground’

Clint Holmes’ new show is back at his “playground” at The Smith Center, Myron’s Cabaret.

I saw Clint when he first came to town at the Golden Nugget, then he spent five years with his own showroom at Harrah’s. I’m proud to say he’s a long-time friend of mine.

It’s hard to be an entertainer and a singer like in the days of the late Danny Ganz, who had an untimely death. What Vegas offers for entertainment today is a lot of Cirque or residency shows. It used to be Cher, Gloria Esteban and Bette Midler back in the day, today it is Celine Dion.

So when you think about comebacks, this is a great place to re-launch.

Rising rumors

Lady Gaga is seeking a residency here, too. However, physical problems (her hip, among others) may hinder her. Such a stint would help to prove her NYC Arts School training created an outstanding singer.

Garth Brooks, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, is also seeking to produce a new show in town. He’s off to a good start.

Last week, Garth took to social media to sing an emotional rendition of his 2005 song “The Change,” then closed his Facebook message by stating to those affected by the shootings: “The show must go on.”

Other tributes, among many, included Luke Combs honoring victims with “Used to You” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The “Hurricane” singer was side-stage when gunfire erupted.

‘Super’ singer

With the national controversy surrounding pro athletes not standing for the national anthem, at least one thing is for sure: Justin Timberlake is slated to host the halftime program at Super Bowl 52.

Why? One could be that “Super Sunday” will be held in Minneapolis, Minn., the native state of Jessica Biel, J.T.’s wife. Both celebrities possess high Q-Ratings (for popularity), thus could deflect attention away from the anthem.

As for the national anthem, the lone rumor on the internet: Carrie Underwood. She would be a safe bet.

The ‘Juice’

Our nine-year wait for “Juice” to finally emerge from “the hole” – I don’t want my tax money supporting him – has arrived.

O.J. Simpson, as I hear it, is staying with friends in Vegas for now but wants to move in with Florida relatives. However, the Sunshine state has said it doesn’t want him so Juice is stuck here in Vegas for the time being.

Juice, I would love to do your first official interview since leaving prison. I’d ask all the pertinent questions (like, if you did it), yet conclude by wishing you luck in your new life. Instead, I’m sure you will accept a hefty payday from ABC News 20/20.