Hearts go out to Scintas losing Joey

Nov 21, 2017 3:00 AM

Frankie Scinta is a trooper showman! He performed at the Vegas Cares charity show at The Venetian on Nov. 5, even though his brother Joey had suffered a debilitating stroke the night before. Sadly, Joey did not recover and passed away Friday, Nov. 17.

Frankie and Joey were closer than most siblings as they worked together and confided in each other throughout the years. The Scintas is a family act. The drummer, Pete O’Connell, is honorary family and Chrissi, who had to depart from the act due to vocal health issues, was replaced by the wonderful Janien Valentine, who has now become extended family.

The group hailed from Buffalo, N.Y., arriving in Las Vegas in 2000. Over the years they played at the Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate), the Rio, the Sahara (now SLS) and The D. They are currently performing at the Plaza Hotel's showroom, which is packed for nearly every performance.

Frankie's entire life revolved around his entertaining performances. All of Las Vegas and the many fans from around the world will miss this talented, funny man. RIP, Joey Scinta.

Liz one of a kind

The grand lady of cultured gossip, Liz Smith, passed away last week at the age of 94. I read her column daily in the New York Daily News. She did not use publicity releases or “feeds” to get names and events. Liz was a superstar celebrity in her own right – and write she did – of all the myriad events, shows, concerts, cabarets in NYC.

She taught me a great lesson – you do not have to be nasty, vulgar, or vicious to write a great gossip column. You can be politically correct and a fine journalist as well. Liz wasn't one to dish the dirt and avoided “bad” gossip.

The ink is not dry, Liz, only the paper faded away. RIP, Liz Smith.

Another passing that took me by shock was rocker Malcolm Young of the fabulous 80's and beyond rock group AC/DC. This Australian group led the way for many more of its rock genre. 

Sandman a blast

At the Cosmopolitan – Adam Sandler was a blow-out sell-out! I was so happy he banned cell phones. This issue always gets my goat. You sit in expensive seats, and the people in front of you are busy taping the concert or show on their phones. It is annoying and disrupts one's view of the stage.  Sandler will return Jan. 27 to Cosmo.

Coming up…

• Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles will be at The Orleans showroom Friday, Nov. 24. I remember fondly the days The Eagles ruled! It was a good time in that era.

• Under the Streetlamp brings Hip to the Holidays to The Orleans Dec. 22-23. This group reminds me of those street corner virtuosos that sang during the late 50's and early 60's.

• My good friend Clint Homes will be on stage at the Suncoast on Saturday, Nov. 25 to entertain after our Thanksgiving feasts. He is a true talent and keeps on reinventing himself.

• Martin Nievera, the Filipino singer/songwriter who hosts the “ASAP” musical variety show, will be at that same showroom on Dec. 16 and 17.

• SEXXY at the Westgate Cabaret is going strong. I had the extreme pleasure of the meeting with the lady who made it all happen, Jennifer Romas, and not only is she sexy she is fabulous – and very smart; she knows her showmanship.

Wishing turkeys with stuffing abounding to all of my readers. Happy Thanksgiving!