Mariah at the Colosseum was our Christmas gift

Mariah at the Colosseum was our Christmas gift

December 26, 2017 3:00 PM


Mariah Carey is unbelievable – and so was her holiday show this past Friday at the Colosseum. I thought it somewhat odd there were so many children lining up to see the show, but then it all came into place. This was the most top-notch holiday show I have seen in many a year: “All I want For Christmas Is You” – and all Monti wants for Christmas is Mariah and more Mariah. She was superb!

For her opening number “Joy to the World, she was dressed as a gleaming, golden goddess in sequins and a full length gown; it was a classic Hollywood moment. That gown and the others that followed were executed in a fashion that was spiritual yet holiday, themed in bright jewel colors. They showed off her curvaceous svelte body in a manner that was both eye-popping, yet family perfect.

I felt as if I was in snowflake never ever land with the snow queen officiating and singing her heart out. The live musicians were on a platform, gigantic frosted snowflakes hung from the rafters, the central Christmas tree (Rockefeller Center, you have a bauble twin) was beautiful.

And yes, there were children. What is a true holiday gala without children? The young lady who sang several tunes was terrific! She handled the microphone well and her voice was indeed heavenly. It made you feel like Christmas. Holiday joy was upon us.

Accompanying her were six fabulous young tap dancers – three girls, and three young boys. Sensational! I felt as if a Broadway production was assembled on that stage. The lead singer – the star search girl – could belt out a tune without missing a beat or being corny. The tap dancers were in perfect synchronization.

The gospel section of the show was awesome! The full grand piano was white and the chorus was all in white robes. The choir-master was indeed a great gospel and all-around singer and entertainer. This moment moved me so much I felt like yelling Hallelujah!

And super-star diva Mariah Carey was humble, smiling, and sparkling like the glow of many lights. Her face seemed to have an aura of happiness that spread cheer throughout the room. Many audience members stood in tribute to get a true look at Mariah in all her glory. This was a standing ovation production. Again, one of the best holiday shows I have seen in Las Vegas!

When my friend Lu and I left the theater we were on cloud number nine. This was a special present,, one I can unwrap in my memories forever. Thank you Mariah, you made my Christmas a Joy to the World!

Do the Charleston

New Year’s Eve is Sunday! I cannot believe how fast this year passed. There are NYE celebrations scheduled all over the valley, even at the Mt. Charleston Lodge, which will have a special buffet and party. What a great idea – a in the snow – a special environment for a local holiday event.

Park goes Gaga

Now the biggie – Lady Gaga has signed for a two-year residency at The Park (Monte Carlo) to the tune of $1 million-plus per show and a commitment for 74 appearances. She had been thinking of Vegas for a long time, appeared here often, and loves our town. Currently the residency is scheduled to begin December 2018. Right now, she is doing the remake of “A Star Is Born” (Judy Garland’s role), which is scheduled for release in October. I cannot wait to go ga-ga over Lady Gaga!

Penn delivers

Penn Jillette is always doing charity events. Currently he is hosting his annual 13 Bloody Days of Christmas for United Blood Services to ensure there is enough blood available through the holidays. Anyone who donates between now and Jan. 1 will receive two free tickets to the Penn and Teller show at The Rio.

A fond ‘17 farewell

As 2017 comes to a close, I pause, ponder and predict that the best is yet to come in 2018! May you and yours have a splendid New Year’s Eve and Day. Celebrate, pop those balloons, throw some streamers, toot your horns – celebrate our wonderful city, the best place in the world for creating the biggest, best New Year’s party. Have a happy one; see you in 2018!