Embrace Valentine's Day for what it is

Embrace Valentine's Day for what it is

February 13, 2018 3:00 AM


Oh my heart – tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! This has to be the prettiest holiday – romance, red roses, and reverie. It is not a time to be down. Get together with friends, reach out to someone and have a very wonderful V-Day of your own making.

You can dine at several of Las Vegas’ most well-known places, including the Eiffel Tower at Paris, the Stratosphere’s top level rotating restaurant (Oh, what a view!) and Ferraro’s, one of my favorite places, where the red wine and fabulous food are a staple for a sure fire dinner date.

You might want to get out of Vegas and head an hour or so north on I-15 to Mesquite’s Casablanca and their fabulous Katherine’s restaurant. I’ve dined there many a time and was always fulfilled by their ambiance and bill of fare.

The message of Valentine’s Day is love – for your partner, your spouse, your best friend, your co-workers. So embrace it.

Super Giordano’s

Speaking of love, I loved the Super Bowl this year! It was an exciting game and I am going to cash in my winning ticket this week at the Suncoast.

I wonder how many pizzas were consumed on Super Bowl day? I got my pizza at new location of Giordano’s in Boca Park (Ft. Apache and W. Charleston) to sample their Chicago style pie. WOW! You can barely lift it! My advice: buy individual pies (small) for your friends. One small is almost two servings. The cheese is mozzarella from Wisconsin, not Italy or even Little Italy in NYC, but yum, it has the taste that is a winner.

Also, be sure to call ahead. I sat for nearly 25 minutes waiting for my to-go order. The staff was very friendly, the ambiance nice. It’s a good spot for families, too.

Angel hiatus

Criss Angel will be “disappearing” from the Luxor after a 10-year magical feat! He has also been bestowed with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Brotherhood of Magicians -- a unanimous vote from 15 men -- and this is only the fifth such award given in 100 years! Way to go, Criss!

Did you know Criss is now 50 years old? I cannot believe it. Rumor has it he will be heading to Planet Hollywood in 2019. He is an awesome magician, a humanitarian and a friend.

Cosmo bound

Ths Cosmopolitan is awaiting its newest production – OPIUM, which is scheduled to open March 13. This has to be an extraordinary newbie for the Strip. We hear keyboard great Ronnie Foster (no stranger to the Vegas music scene) will be involved. Spiegelworld is learning to hire the best. They know how to put on a slam dunk win!

Get well, Gaga

I was so sorry to hear about Lady Gaga’s cancellation of the last 10 show of her Joanne tour due to severe pain. She suffers from fibromyalgia and touring has taken its toll.

The good news from her camp is she is definitely looking forward to her Las Vegas gig at Park Theater in December, which will not be as demanding as touring. Gaga is cabaret mainstay and also a headliner extraordinaire! My Valentines go to Lady Gaga. I adore you, darling!

Bee Gees honored

The Australian Bee Gees were honored for seven continual years of performances at the Excalibur last week. They are a true fave of mine! I have seen the show over and over and each time I feel my disco roots bouncing! Remember, the Bee Gees were the soundtrack from “Saturday Night Fever” (with Monti as the DJ) and their music will always ring out a happy moment in my life.

Ozzy signing off

Ozzy Osbourne will be hitting the farewell train with No More Tours 2 at The MGM Grand Garden on Oct. 13. Too far ahead you say? No way, this will be a sell-out. Get your tickets early because it will be a hard one to get if you wait.

Odds & Ends

The Mixx in Boca Park had shuttered and a place called Huffman’s Homemade Chicken will be soon moving in.

Across the street on Rampart and West Charleston boulevards, check out North (northern Italian cuisine), it is sensational! It is near the great Honey and Salt, which has a proven track record for quite a number of years now.

I saw “Phantom Thread” again. There were too many things I missed in the first viewing, including the great performance by Vickey Krieps as Alma. I loved the costumes, so authentic, down to the last stitch. A magnificent film!

There is still time to get someone a gift to show your heart is in the right place. The English Garden will make gorgeous, to die for arrangements for someone special.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Monti Rock III and Zozo the wonder dog.