One Night for One Drop delivers for many

Mar 13, 2018 3:00 AM

Jewel is a jewel. Headlining the One Night for One Drop concert at Mandalay Bay earlier this month, she was hopeful, happy and endearing. She also gave a magnificent performance for this charity event started by Cirque du Soleil’s Guy Laliberte.

Cirque gravity defying artistes were amazing in this production, as adept as they always are in the Cirque productions. Hail to thee, Cirque, you have outlasted what was thought to be a trend and instead became a legendary form of entertainment!

I especially was happy to see Brian Dewhurst, who at age 86 has logged over 70 years as a Cirque performer, make an unscheduled appearance as a cowboy in long johns at the Thirsty Moose Tavern doing a jig! That is entertainment!

Viva, Springs!

The Springs Preserve is a wonderful place. If you have never been, go – that’s an order from Monti! Paint On Air is the new virtual reality exhibit at the Preserve’s Origen Museum. Keep your headset on and get ready to do virtual painting. This is fun for all ages and another coup for local attractions that visitors must catch, as well.

PH eyeing Stefani

Rumor has it Gwen Stefani will fill the stage and the theater at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos (formerly The Axis) Theater. She is totally divine and multi-talented. When she played T-Mobile in 2016 it was an SRO crowd.

A hoot for Gordie

Gordie Brown (formerly Downtown Gordie Brown) has gone the gamut of showrooms over the past few years. He is now a regular at Hooters. I am so happy for my friend, who is a real survivor. He still has audiences laughing and enjoying his top notch performances. If you want to see a great impressionist and comedic artist, make it your business to catch him at Hooter.

Colosseum legends

Comedy legends and greats will be at the Colosseum in upcoming weeks. Sebastian Maniscalco and his Stay Hungry Tour will be there April 15 (Tax Day, you may need a laugh that day!); Jerry Seinfeld is set for April 20 and 21; and Jim Gaffigan and his Fixer Upper Tour on May 27 and again July 20. All brought to us by the great work of AEG live concert promoters,

A Suncoast tribute

Locally, tribute shows continue to reign. The Suncoast has Bee Gees Gold on March 18 and Piano Men on March 25. I see many of my films at The Suncoast or the Village Square as both have great choices for mainstream and indie films.

The Suncoast has opened a new Asian restaurant that is doing quite well and the tastings are superb! Check out Peng Zu.

Oscars fashion

I was truly relieved when I did not see a turn-out of black garbed attendees “walk” the red carpet. When I refer to walk, I mean this year it was solo silhouettes shown model style.

Most of the gowns were quite lovely – classically styled – but those attempts at being the fashionista of the year were highly disturbing. Case in point: Nicole Kidman’s blue dress almost looked like a plastic form of blue metallic with an oversized bow that appeared to be the main attraction of this design. Proportionally it worked but it was meant as a production show costume rather than a gown for an awards ceremony. It was simply too much.

Allison Janney’s red long dress with extended sleeves that had slits for her arms was uniquely designed and quite elegant. She looked marvelous in that smashing red! She was eloquent as well, in her acceptance speech. I personally had ear-marked her for my own ballot as best supporting actress.

I liked Emma Stone’s pants outfit – the hot pink sash, the black silk ankle pants with the red silk jacket. It was classy, simple, unique and very in!

The gown that may have topped them all was of 1962 vintage. Rita Moreno wore her gown from when she accepted the award back then and it still fit perfectly. She, like Chita Rivera, is an icon in the world of musical theater and film. What grace, what perfect humor, what ease – what an icon!

I do wish they would have used the phenomenal digital lighting displays utilized in the Olympics and also in many production shows/concerts here in Las Vegas. The crystal laden arch on the stage was heavy handed, old Vegas and cheapened the awards appearance.

Odds & Ends

“The Color Purple” will be at the Smith Center April 24-29, and TAO Drum Heart on April 21. Last week I told you about Liza Minnelli and Michael Feinstein on March 31.

Future concerts to buy now: Metallica at the T-Mobile Arena this coming November. There are so many people who worship Metallica that the earlier you get your tickets, the better chance you have of actually getting them!

Next week Spring will be here, so get out your pinks, your baby blues, and cuddle a bunny or a chick (fowl variety) and have a wonderful longer day!

Love, Monti and Zozo the wonder dog