AGA continues fight for legalized sports betting; South Point hosts Casino Collectibles Association

May 23, 2017 3:03 AM

Major league sports have come to Las Vegas. The Vegas Golden Knights NHL team will open their inaugural season this October and the Las Vegas Raiders will move into a yet-to-be-built 65,000 seat stadium for the 2020 NFL season (or sooner if something can be worked out with Sam Boyd Stadium).

With all that attention on professional sports and the gambling capital of the world, the next logical topic of discussion is sports betting. And, the American Gaming Association has been discussing exactly that, talking about it around the country, pushing for the regulation of sports betting outside of Nevada.

One of their most recent efforts was to engage the firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner to conduct a national survey, which found: “A majority of Americans are in favor of allowing states to decide whether to legalize sports betting; with avid sports fans even more likely to support such a move.”

One of the survey’s most interesting findings was that a minority of people (38%) recognize it is not legal in most of the country. (Guess that means they think it is legal.)

Here are some other key takeaways from the poll:

• Nearly six in ten Americans are in favor of ending the federal sports betting ban to allow states to decide whether to offer sports betting.

• 72 percent of avid sports fans are in favor of ending the federal ban.

• More than six in ten 18 to 36 year olds are in favor of legal sports betting.

• Nearly two in three Americans believe legalized sports betting would allow local communities to benefit from additional tax revenues and job creation.

• If sports betting were legal, roughly 28 million Americans would be more likely to wager on sports.

The poll went beyond just attitudes on the federal sports betting prohibition. It also looked at people’s current behaviors on sports betting. Guess what? Nearly 1-in-5 (19%) Americans say they have bet on sports in the past year, and the pollsters think this figure is likely underreported. If you look at people who say they are avid sports fans, the number rises to 45%.

Why do they do it, you ask? It increases fan engagement says the survey as nearly all sports bettors report when they bet on sports, they are more likely to:

• Watch a game (92%).

• Talk with people about a game (82%).

• Follow teams and players more closely (80%).

• Find a game more fun and enjoyable (79%).

Wonder if the NFL – whose TV ratings were down about 8% this past season with Monday Night Football dropping about 15%, according to various websites – got a copy of the survey?

Interested in seeing all the survey results?  Click here to link on the page.

CHIPS GALORE: When the Casino Collectibles Association opens its 25th annual convention at South Point Casino on June 22, there will be much to see. Though people most often think of casino chips and tokens when they think of gaming collectibles – and there will definitely be plenty of those – the CCA convention has so much more.

There will be displays of just about anything that bears a casino’s name from dice to cards to matchbooks to ashtrays to player cards to swizzle sticks to glassware to menus to napkins and more.

In addition, the CCA will offer several educational seminars. One of them, “Preserving Gaming History and The Chip Guide,” will be held opening day at 3 p.m. in the Joshua Room at the South Point. It will be presented by Charles Kaplan, president of the Atlantic City Casino Collectibles Club and a senior marketing executive at Maximum Computer Systems, which specializes in ERP software for manufacturing and warehousing that run on IBM midrange (POWER) computer systems.

Mr. Kaplan frequently provides articles for “Casino Chip and Gaming Token News,” the quarterly publication of CCA that has won numerous awards from the American Numismatic Association, and also runs the ChipGuide website (, where you will find a wealth of information on casino chips from all over the world.

See you around town.