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PC Gaming Innovations that Changed the Way we play

Dec 2, 2019 11:31 AM

The future of PC Gaming looks bright. Competition and innovation are changing the industry in crucial ways. Developers release new games targeting a broad range of diverse audiences frequently. And most importantly, all signs show PC Gaming will continue to advance in the future. But what are the most critical advances in video games that changed the way we play?

Open World Video Games

Open world games have been around for more than two decades. But they didn’t get popular until Rockstar introduced the Grand Theft Auto Series. The game made what most people thought was impossible to do in a video game become not only possible but addictive. You could drive a car, walk around town, fly or sail through the ocean for hours.

Over time, technology improved, and open-world games became impressively realistic. Now you can drive through a depiction of a real-life city like a New York City. You can fly out of the earth and explore Mars, or you could visit the most parts of our planet with an in-game avatar.

There's an open-world PC game for everyone. If you want to explore life as a criminal, the GTA Series is your best bet. Alternatively, you could explore life as a cowboy during the days of the old Wild West. Still, you could be a Batman in the Arkham Knight game and protect the people of Gotham as the superhero they’ve always known and loved.

Multiplayer Gaming

Before the Internet became affordable worldwide, most PC titles barely supported social gaming. You either played alone or called a friend to join you in a Local Area Network (LAN) experience.

These days, you can play virtually any game against your friends without meeting up. You could compete with strangers or get into mass online games like Fortnite: Battle Arena and Players Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG).

Multiplayer gaming is such a big niche at the moment that it threatens the future of single-player games. Some famous developers have even said they could get rid of single players and concentrate on multiplayer titles.

The multiplayer fever has also caught the online gambling and mobile gaming sectors. Nowadays, you can play poker, roulette, and blackjack with friends at some of the best legit online casinos. That means you don’t have to fly to Las Vegas to play casino games anymore. A mobile phone or your PC is all you need to have friends alone or with friends.

Exploration of Diverse Themes

Games are no longer developed for entertainment alone. For some time, developers have become creative, exploring all possible topics of interest to players. The days when PC games were themed around strong men fighting or chasing after princesses have gone.

Instead, developers are creating games with self-expression in mind. They are focusing on a wide range of themes like players' identities, sports, actions, love, war, horror, and online relationships. With numerous storylines to choose from, everyone has a chance to find a game they love.

Action fans can choose Call of Duty: Warfare and follow the stories of British and Russian soldiers as they fight off a movement trying to overthrow the Russian government. If you can handle darker themes, try out Hotline Miami, a game about a silent, masked man whose day to day activities revolve around murdering people.

Stunning Graphics and Displays

3D graphics, 4K resolutions, VR support, have shaped the video game industry. Without the advancement of video graphics, flying planes on GTA would probably not be possible. Playing NBA 2K games would feel archaic, and VR would still be an imagination.

Nearly all PC games rely on high resolutions to create visually impressive characters. They need the graphics to capture players’ attention and keep them hooked into the games.

You probably have a few titles you love mainly because of their graphics. Think of the Witcher, Batman: Arkham Knight, Far Cry 3, or even PUBG. These are games whose graphics redefined what it means to play video games on a PC.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is a relatively new offering in the PC Gaming sector, but it's changing the industry for the better. Conventionally, the best way to experience high-quality games was to invest in expensive gaming machines.

Thanks to cloud gaming, all you need to play any titles is a decent computer and stable Internet connections. In the console niche, gamers can stream over 500 titles on PlayStation Now or Xbox 360 Online.

PC gamers, on the other hand, can play thousands of games on GeForce Now, Parsec, and other platforms. Soon, cloud gaming could become a serious threat to the traditional system of using high-end firmware for gaming.

Google already has a cloud gaming platform, Google Stadia, nearing completion. Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Apple, and other major players are also investing in cloud gaming projects.

VR and AR

The impact of virtual and augmented reality to PC Gaming is immense. VR, in particular, has been changing how people to play in a significant way. AR also enhances the video game experience, but it has paid more contribution to mobile gaming than to the PC industry.

Although it has been accused of isolating players, VR immerses you into the virtual world of games to create an unmatched experience. The only downward to VR is that it’s still out of reach for many video games.

For starters, you need a pair of VR headsets that can cost anywhere from $200 to $600. You also need a graphically endowed PC to handle VR jobs. With time, though, the cost of using VR in video games will become affordable. More games will become compatible with the technology, and playing games using VR will become easy.

To Conclude

The video game industry changes fast. And thanks to these developments, PC gamers have always enjoyed the best of gaming. From open-world games to multiplayer titles, VR to cloud gaming, a lot has changed in the past two decades.

In the next decade, there’s a chance the PC gaming sector will continue to reinvent and introduce better gaming experiences. And while it faces competition from mobile games, PC gamers can be hopeful of a blissful future.

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