Luck and gambling: Is there a connection?

Luck and gambling: Is there a connection?

March 28, 2017 3:01 AM

How Much of an Impact Does Luck Have on Gambling?

Many a story has been told of gamblers with lucky rabbit’s feet, charms, pendants, and superstitious behavior. In fact, the world’s most successful gamblers readily admit to quirky behavior while they’re playing blackjack, poker, roulette, or craps. Superstition is nothing new in gambling folklore. Casino superstitions are as old as the games themselves. Gambling takes on many forms, including skill-based games and games of chance. It is entirely possible for a blackjack player or a poker player to enjoy a greater win ratio by simply using sound strategy and careful bankroll management over the long-term. Of course, the luck of the draw is always a big factor in card games and it invariably affects the win/loss ratio.

Are There Any Magical Items That Gamblers Use?

Some of the symbols that gamblers have used over the years include 4-leaf clovers, rabbit feet (preferably fake rabbit feet), amulets, and lucky hand soap. More gamblers are likely to follow certain routines and dress codes when playing certain games than carrying lucky charms in their pockets. For example, red clothing is often associated with good fortune, and everyone believes that it is better to dress up for a night at the casino to attract Lady Luck.

The witches among us – there are many apparently – believe in carrying lucky roots and magic herbs on their person, while certain folks believe that it’s wise to sprinkle blessed water on their gambling money. It comes as no surprise that many gamblers have bizarre habits when it comes to things like the types of socks they wear, their handkerchiefs, or their underwear during gambling sessions. Craps players invariably blow on the dice before they roll their golden arm. Then there are those players who keep their fingers crossed, nervously waiting for the results.

What Rituals Do Slots Players Go through at the Casino?

The behavior of slots fans is always fascinating to watch at land-based casinos. In the 1980s and 1990s, many slot machine games were known as one-armed bandits. They got this name from the lever that players would pull to spin the reels. While these levers have largely given way to buttons, there are many casinos that have retained them for their nostalgic appeal. Slots players realize that pulling the lever or pushing the button will yield the same result, but when superstition comes into play, many people prefer to pull the lever.

There are many slots fans who believe that you should rub your coins against the face of the machine before inserting them and spinning the reels. Apparently, this generates some sort of static charge that lets the spinning reels know that the right symbols should line up in your favor. Slots players will often commandeer the machine in front of them and both machines to the left and right of them. This ‘siege mentality’ is believed to bring good fortune to the player. There is no evidence that such antics pay dividends, but the practice itself is alive and well.

Are Certain Countries Luckier Than Others?

Absolutely, without any doubt at all. The luckiest country in the world is the United Kingdom – big surprise there? No not really, the UK is far more successful at winning sports competitions and television game shows per person in the country than anywhere else in the world. The largest lottery won in the UK was $260 million, and there have been 74 reality TV show winners. The country has reportedly racked up an incredible 73 wins in major global sporting competitions (as at December 20, 2016 for sports like the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, field hockey, volleyball, tennis, football and cricket). Close in tow was the USA, followed by Italy at #3, France at #4, and Japan at #5. If you’re a player from one of these countries, chances are you’ve got good luck on your side.

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