2024 Bookies Battle Playoffs: Brian Edwards Gets $2,000 Prize

It’s the final roundup of Gaming Today’s Bookies Battle contest for the 2023-24 NFL season. The entire $8,000 purse is now distributed to our winners. Brian Edwards receives the $2,000 award in the playoff round with the tiebreaker scenario.

We’ll recap a thrilling Super Bowl 58, take one last look at the playoff standings, and run through all the winners from this season’s contest.

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Recap of the 2024 Bookies Battle Playoffs

Here are the final standings from our 11 contestants who were in the Bookies Battle playoff round and their Super Bowl pick (click to enlarge on mobile):

2024 Gaming Today Bookies Battle final playoff standings

With Brian Edwards taking Chiefs +1.5 in the Super Bowl, they were able to tie Michael Piranio, who took the 49ers to win by at least two points. They finished with an 8-5 record across the 13 total playoff games they could pick.

Since they tied, it was up to a tiebreaker scenario to determine the $2,000 prize winner. They picked total scores before the game, and it boiled down to the following situation. If 53 points or less were scored, Brian could come back and win the prize. Otherwise, Michael would hold on if at least 54 points were scored.

After a first quarter with no score, the first touchdown finally came with less than five minutes left in the second quarter. The scoring ramped up in the second half, but many drives were field goal settlements (four FGs to 2 TDs). The total at the end of regulation was 38 points.

However, with the game tied at 19-19, the prize was wide open with new overtime rules. Michael would have clinched if the 49ers won, or both teams scored a touchdown and an extra point. However, the 49ers were held to a field goal to start, clinching the tiebreaker for Brian as the total could no longer get past 50.

Ultimately, the Chiefs went down the field and scored a game-winning touchdown, giving Brian the $2,000 prize.

Reviewing All 2024 Bookies Battle Winners

Here’s another look at how the $8,000 purse was divided up and the winners for each prize:

  • $500 Q1 winner: Duane Colucci
  • $500 Q2 winner: Brian MacGillivray
  • $500 Q3 winner: Duane Colucci
  • $500 Q4 winner: Atif Chaudry
  • $3,000 grand prize (regular season): Duane Colucci
  • $1,000 second place (regular season): Atif Chaudry
  • $2,000 playoff winner: Brian Edwards

Duane Colucci wasn’t in contention for the playoff prize, but he took home half of the purse with $4,000 in winnings. He took two of the four quarter prizes and was our regular season champion. Atif Chaudry scored $1,500 in winnings, finishing in second place during the regular season with a great fourth quarter.

Brian MacGillivray received $500 in winnings by taking the second quarter of the NFL season. And as we’ve noted, Brian Edwards will receive $2,000 in winnings for their excellent playoff run.

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in this season’s contest! Check back on our Bookies Battle page for more details on future contests.

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