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As online gambling grows in popularity, so does the number of news websites covering the industry. It can be difficult to discern the sites that provide accurate, credible and impartial reporting from those that do not.

The content we publish at Gaming Today is original and created by our team of experienced writers, researchers and sports betting journalists. We post daily and weekly content covering all aspects of legal sports betting in the United States.

From breaking news and analysis, to interviews and opinion pieces, Gaming Today is your source for news about legal online sports betting and iGaming. The brand aims to be the most complete resource for gamblers across the continent.

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We pledge that content published at Gaming Today is accurate, informative, and written by professionals.

Who We Are

As a brand owned by Catena Media, Gaming Today is licensed in multiple jurisdictions. The Gaming Today team provides information on regulated sportsbooks throughout North America. We do not endorse offshore gambling and encourage you to avoid unregulated betting sites.

At Gaming Today, we strive to serve as a top-tier, trusted destination for sports fans, bettors, and gambling enthusiasts. Our team reports on industry and revenue news, gambling legislation and responsible gaming initiatives, company announcements and technology advancements, sportsbook promotions and contests, plus more. You can also read long-form interviews with members of established operators and professionals creating innovative products for bettors.

In addition, we feature betting guidelines and break down the odds for top sporting events. We strive to be a helpful resource for experienced gamblers and novice bettors alike. Content appearing on Gaming Today is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

Our Editorial Standards and Processes

The content published at Gaming Today is written by Catena Media personnel or freelancers who have undergone lengthy screening processes. We hold ourselves accountable for producing credible and accurate gambling industry content. We ensure our writers publish unbiased news and informed editorials. Individual sportsbook operators cannot influence the direction of our content.

We do not accept posts from external sources, including submissions and user-generated content.

On occasion, we will reference or quote articles from other sources. In those instances, we always credit and link to the author(s) responsible for the original report.

Long-form interviews may be edited for style and clarity, which will be noted within the article.

Feedback, Errors and Corrections

At Gaming Today, our content is reviewed by multiple editors for factual accuracy, grammar, readability, and other issues before publication. However, errors may slip throughout our editing process. Our editorial team includes:

  • Brett Collson, Executive Editor
  • Carson Mundy, Brand Content Manager
  • Brian Spaen, News Managing Editor
  • Gerry Ahern, Evergreen Managing Editor

Please email [email protected] if you have any feedback or potential corrections to share.

Our Gambling Partners

Neither Gaming Today nor Catena Media’s managers are affiliated with any casino or sportsbook.

We always aim for impartial, unbiased coverage of sportsbook and casino operators. Our partners do not contribute to our stories and will only appear in our reporting if they are relevant to an article’s primary or secondary sources. They have no editorial input into what appears on Gaming Today.

Affiliate commissions may influence the gambling operators we list. However, sportsbook and casino reviews, recommendations, and opinions created by editors and writers are at their own discretion. Learn more about how we review legal sportsbooks.

Placement of Advertisements

Gaming Today does not offer advertising contracts or accept ad contract offers from external sources.

Questions or Concerns?

If you read something in one of our news stories or sportsbook reviews that doesn’t match your experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate all feedback, as it helps us reach our goal of being a top-tier and trusted destination.

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Carson Mundy

Carson Mundy

Brand Content Manager
Carson Mundy is the brand content manager of Gaming Today. With a background in politics and sports, he covers the legislative side of the sports betting industry. Carson has more than a decade of experience in the Canadian media and marketing industries, with time spent at resulta, The Canadian Press, Microsoft News, and other national outlets.

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