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Marcus DiNitto

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Marcus DiNitto was news managing editor of Gaming Today. In past roles, he has been managing editor at national sports websites SportsBusiness Daily, Sporting News, and The Linemakers, as well as with licensed sportsbook operator USA Sports Gaming. Marcus graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and studied sports and entertainment marketing at New York University.

About Marcus DiNitto

Marcus DiNitto is the news managing editor of Gaming Today. He is a nationally recognized sports betting and sports business content specialist who has also been managing editor at SportsBusiness Daily, Sporting News, The Linemakers (a content team of Las Vegas bookmakers), and USA Sports Gaming (a licensed sportsbook operator). DiNitto has covered the sports business for 24 years and sports betting for 10, so he brings deep knowledge and contacts from both industries.

The NYU alum is also a content marketing professional, having conceptualized and delivered native advertising and thought leadership articles to multiple publications and websites, including The Business Journals, SportsBusiness Journal, The Esports Observer, and Advisor Hub. He has produced content for brands including Disney, Sprint, Chase, KeyBank, Southwest Airlines, Telstra, Staples, Good Samaritan Hospital, CORT Furniture, Ten-X, Equity Office, and Jack Daniels, in addition to sports franchises such as the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons/AMB Sports & Entertainment, Houston Texans, plus several colleges and universities.

Additionally, DiNitto has produced and edited sports betting and sports business content for Perform Media Group (now DAZN), NASCAR, EGR, TeamRankings, Vegas Insider, and Venues Now. He has built and led teams, driven audience engagement, managed budgets, presented at major industry conferences, and been cited as a sports business and sports betting expert by multiple media outlets.

DiNitto earned his undergraduate degree in journalism and advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a post-graduate certificate in sports and event marketing from New York University, and his MBA from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

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