Chicago Bears Might Follow A Great Decision With A Terrible One

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It appears that the decision to draft Justin Fields, widely regarded as an uncharacteristically smart move by the Chicago Bears, may be followed by a decision that is far from smart. According to the rumor mill, the Monsters of the Midway are contemplating a move.

Yes, they are actually thinking about leaving one of the most iconic stadiums in the NFL, Soldier Field.

The only positive aspect of the rumor is that they are not threatening to become the Des Moines Bears or anything crazy like that. They are just thinking about buying Arlington Park from Churchill Downs, Inc.

Arlington Park, which is located in Arlington Heights, has been for sale since late February.

Any Truth To The Rumors?

Officials from the Bears have yet to confirm or deny the rumors. But Arlington Heights Mayor Tom Hayes has been kind enough to chime in for the Bears:

“Certainly, the Arlington Park site is available, and we would consider the Chicago Bears a great fit for that particular site. I think the Bears are seriously considering it because it’s such a unique piece of property. It has so much going for it in terms of its location in the northwest suburbs where a lot of their audience is.”

Hayes did not really confirm anything. However, his comments were enough to set some Bears fans off on social media. It did not help that the Bears have talked about moving to Arlington Park in the past, too. As could be expected, the fans were not too thrilled at the idea of their beloved team leaving their city and one of the most iconic stadiums in sports.

But there really has not been any reason to consider the rumors are anything more than hot air. Yes, the fact that the Bears thought about moving the team to Arlington Park in 1987 makes them seem a little more credible. But at the time, the Bears had a lease with the city that ran through 1999.

The team currently has a lease that runs through 2033. But, as we have seen, if an NFL team really wants to move, they are going to move. A lease will not stop them.

Of course, the rumor could just be a ploy to get the city to commit to renovations at Soldier Field. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has stated the city wants to work with the Bears when it comes to Soldier Field. However, she also recognized that it is a ‘challenging site.’

So, do not get too worked up yet, Bears fans. Just like it was only talk in ’87, it will likely be nothing but talk now. The rumors really should not impact anyone thinking of betting on the Bears. Betting on the Bears was a long shot before the rumors, and still is.

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