Missouri Sports Betting Petition Hits Over 340,000 Signatures

On Thursday, the Winning for Education coalition submitted over 340,000 signatures that will put the Missouri sports betting proposition on the ballot for November this year.

The idea is to go past the state’s general assembly, as online betting has been stalled several times.

“We are grateful for the support from Missouri’s professional sports franchises, who have been crucial in creating the opportunity for Missourians to vote directly on this issue in November,” Jack Cardetti, a spokesman for the campaign, said.

“As one of only 12 states without legalized sports betting, Missouri took a significant step forward today in ensuring that these revenues stay in Missouri to help our communities and classrooms.”

Since April, the coalition has been able to beat its target of 180k signatures. It still didn’t stop there, but it went further to go above 340k before submitting last week. In at least six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts, the signatures gathered represent more than 8% of the state’s registered voter population.

In the event that the proposed initiative is approved by the voters, it would lead to the adoption of sports betting into the Constitution of the state. In addition to this, it suggests that licenses be issued to online platforms such as FanDuel and DraftKings, as well as to casinos and teams.

“In terms of the sports teams, I mean, some of us are from different sides of the state. We’re not necessarily on the same page on every issue, but this one we are on the same page and really appreciate the partnership and support,” Mike Whittle, Vice President and general counsel of the St. Louis Cardinals, added.

Petition Targets Increase Revenue for Education

The campaign started in order to legalize sports betting in the state to increase state revenue that goes into the education sector as well as reduce illegal betting. This coalition comprises six pro teams, namely:

  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Kansas City Current
  • Kansas City Royals
  • St. Louis City
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • St. Louis Blues

Missouri is among the few Midwestern states that has yet to enact legislation legalizing sports wagering. As a result, the state has lost many millions of dollars in possible earnings as citizens go outside the state or to neighboring jurisdictions to gamble.

 About 431,000 Missourians tried in vain to place wagers over the Super Bowl weekend, according to GeoComply.

“The Kansas City Royals are proud to support the Winning for Missouri Education coalition and thankful for all of the Missourians who signed the petition,” said Adam Sachs, Senior Vice President and Chief External Affairs Officer of the Kansas City Royals.

“We stand united with all of Missouri’s professional sports franchises in support of the campaign and believe that it is time for Missourians to have the opportunity to legalize responsible sports betting while generating tens of millions of dollars for our public schools each year.”

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