2024 MLB American League Pennant and Division Winner Odds & Predictions

The American League pennant odds are available now from your favorite sports betting apps. The Astros and Yankees are once again among the favorites, but one thing we know about baseball: the long season produces surprises.

Here are the 2024 MLB American League Pennant/Division Winner odds and predictions.

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Why These Favorites Will Win the AL Pennant


Odds in this section are courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook. Odds are subject to change.

Houston Astros +360

Every October since 2017, Houston has played in the ALCS with a chance to win the pennant. They’ve won four flags, and with Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez, and Jeremy Pena back as MLB’s best infield, it wouldn’t be wise to wager against the ‘Stros.

How the Astros could fail: The starting rotation flaps and flails with injuries.

New York Yankees +400

Hard to believe the Yanks haven’t played in the Fall Classic since 2009. They’ve played in the ALCS (and lost) five times since, three times to Houston. If the Bombers win the pennant in 2024, your $100 bet wins $400.

How the Yankees could fail: If Gerrit Cole doesn’t make 25 starts.

Baltimore Orioles +550

The Orioles are the trendy pick. But don’t look at us, we haven’t trusted trends since the fanny pack went out of favor. Baltimore was very lucky in ’23 (seven wins above their expected W/L record). We expect them to make the playoffs, but be wary of postseason success.

How the Orioles could fail: If the young lineup fails to score 800+ runs again.

Texas Rangers +650

The Rangers muscled their way to the World Series last season, via the sheer production of their vaunted lineup. Texas will score oodles of runs again, and if they can repeat as AL Champs, your +650 odds from FanDuel will pay off handsomely.

How the Rangers could fail: If their starting pitching is as average as they seem to be.

How One of These Longshots Could Win the AL Pennant

Odds here are from FanDuel. Once again, odds are subject to change.

Minnesota Twins +1000

Weak division should help the Twins get into the October tournament. From there, it’s a matter of survive and advance. It’s not always the best team that wins the pennant (see the Diamondbacks of 2023).

Boston Red Sox +3000

Since they slayed the Curse of The Bambino in 2004, the BoSox have won a pennant every 3-6 years three times. The time is ripe again, and we wouldn’t be shocked if Boston scrambled into the playoffs as a wild card and managed to capture the flag. Pitching is good, the lineup has youth and talent, and the leadership here is unrivaled.

Los Angeles Angels, +8000

We like the market on the Angels to make the playoffs (+800 from FanDuel), but wouldn’t shy from filing a betting ticket on them winning the AL pennant. A winning $100 wager would pay $8,000.

AL East Winner Odds and Prediction


The Yankees are being vastly overrated by oddsmakers. The pitching staff isn’t mediocre: it would have to improve by 40% to be mediocre. Blue Jays will push the O’s and Red Sox for a playoff spot, and we could have four teams with winning records in this division again.

AL East Standings Prediction: Rays, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, Yankees

AL Central Winner Odds and Prediction


The White Sox will actually do all the surprising “contenderish” things many experts think Detroit will do. The Twins are the class of this division, and for about the 9th straight spring, we’ll predict Carlos Correa will have his MVP-type season.

AL Central Standings Prediction: Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Royals, Guardians

AL West Winner Odds and Prediction


The Angels have good young starting pitching, good enough to drag them into playoff contention. This may seem farfetched, but so would have been a similar argument for Arizona a year ago. This isn’t the NBA: unexpected things happen in baseball. We’re falling on the side of the odds that say defending WS champs have a difficult time repeating their success, which is why we see Texas missing the playoffs in 2024.

AL West Standings Prediction: Astros, Angels, Rangers, Mariners, A’s


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