NBA awards wagers approved

The Nevada Gaming Control Board Thursday granted approval for sportsbooks to offer wagers on the winner of the 2021 NBA regular season Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, 2021 NBA Regular Season Most Improved Player, 2021 NBA Regular Season Coach of the Year and the 2021 NCAA Basketball John R. Wooden Award.

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The board put out a press release saying “The approval is granted for all licensed books to post and accept wagers on those winners subject to the following conditions: licensed books electing to offer these wagers must provide the enforcement division with notification of terms; acceptance of wagers must cease prior to the final game of the regular season; and the results shall be based on a permissible source in accordance with Regulation 22.060.” 

The setting of odds is at the discretion of the book and rules governing these wagers shall be made available to the public, the board said. 

Any additional wagers which deviate from the winner of the 2021 NBA Regular Season Defensive Player of the Year for this event will require a separate application and approval, the board said

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