NCAA Urges Kentucky to Ban College Player Prop Betting Amid Concerns Over Athlete Harassment

Will Kentucky be the next state to join forces in the NCAA’s call to ban college player props? President Charlie Baker has his eyes fixated on the Bluegrass State, but there’s no certainty in the decision.

Baker started a campaign to outlaw college player prop bets at the beginning of this year in response to the nationwide harassment that college athletes are experiencing.

According to reports, the NCAA addressed a letter to the Kentucky Horse Race Commission on March 29, calling on the regulators to ban college player prop betting. This medium is the same means the association reached out to state bodies like the Ohio Casino Control Commission in January, which was proven successful as they implemented the ban following the NCAA’s request.

The issue of college player props within Kentucky sports betting is still being reviewed, according to a spokesperson for the KHRC.

“We appreciate your attention to this matter and know you are dedicated to a responsibly regulated marketplace in Kentucky,” Baker wrote on March 29. “Thank you for the opportunity to request a prohibition on player-specific prop bets and related markets. We welcome the opportunity to explore these preventative measures with you and your team soon.”

The letter from Baker to KHRC also emphasized that recent news reports highlight the hostile environment that Kentucky basketball team members have encountered on social media platforms. Since the relaxation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, the NCAA has closely monitored the legalized sports wagering landscape. He expressed deep concern about the potential dangers this poses to collegiate athletes.

“Player prop bets attach an individual student-athlete’s name to a bet and therefore increase the likelihood of betting harassment being targeted toward them,” Baker wrote. “Recent media reports of harassment and threats directed at members of the Kentucky basketball team highlight the vitriol that is allowed on social media platforms, and the NCAA sees the same vitriol from bettors.”

Progress and Resistance in State Responses to NCAA’s Betting Ban

So far, the association has made progress by having some states implement the ban, but a few other states have been adamantly opposed to this plight. One such state is Montana, which, however, commended the work of the NCAA. They said they do not have plans to join the movement because they are not faced with harassment issues.

Besides Ohio, as earlier mentioned, states that have implemented or have promised to implement the ban in a given period include Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Maryland. New York recently assured the NCAA that it doesn’t plan to expand its gaming options to include college player props betting.

However, Connecticut might be on its way to expanding its betting options to include the availability of bets on college sports teams in the state.

It is also important to note that, despite pitching state regulators, the NCAA further includes a third-party company to monitor harassment on social media.

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