Odds Posted On Next Head Coach For Giants, Dolphins, Texans, Jaguars

Brian Flores shows up on PointsBet's next head coach oddsboards (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire)

Sports bettors across the country are putting money down on this weekend’s Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. But the postseason is not the only NFL betting market open in some states. Bettors in Illinois and Colorado are offered odds on who the Giants, Bears, Texans, and Jaguars will hire as their next coaches.

Let’s examine the odds PointsBet has for top head coaching candidates for the these teams. (Odds on the Bears’ next coach have been taken off PointsBet’s board).

NFL Next Head Coach Odds

Most of these names have had interviews, have scheduled interviews, or are rumored to have teams interested in them. The group consists of several former head coaches and offensive and defensive coordinators many believe are ready to become head coaches. A few, like Eric Bieniemy and Josh McDaniels, have not been interviewed or scheduled for one, yet their names come up every year as potential candidates.

Next Head Coach OddsGiantsDolphinsTexansJaguars
Brian Flores+400+400+1000
Doug Pederson+450+700+850
Brian Daboll+500+500+1000+1000
Eric Bieniemy+550+400+1200+550
Byron Leftwich+800+600+800+250
Josh McDaniels+800+400+350+800
Vance Joseph+800+1200
Jim Harbaugh+850+1600
Kellen Moore+1000+800+1500+600
Todd Bowles+1000+1000
Bill O'Brien+250
Matt Eberflus+2000+250
Nathaniel Hackett+1000+1000+800
Darrell Bevell+1000
Mike McDaniel+650
Dan Quinn+1700
Kevin O'Connel+2000+1500
Jerod Mayo+1400+2000+300
Leslie Frazier+900+2500+1000
Pep Hamilton+1200
Lovie Smith+1200
Patrick Graham+1000
Jim Caldwell+1500
Matt Campbell+2000

Next New York Giants Head Coach

While the Giants’ focus had been on their search for a new general manager, it seems the team has decided to alter its strategy and is now looking to start interviewing head coaching candidates as well. So far, the only reported request made has been for Dan Quinn, who is not listed as an option on PointsBet’s oddsboard.

According to reports, the team has been interested in Brian Daboll and Brian Flores for some time.

Of Miami Dolphins…

It came as a shock to most people when the Dolphins’ job came open. Whoever does get the job will inherit a solid team from Brian Flores with the potential to compete in the AFC East as soon as next season. The team has either requested or completed an interview with the following coaches:

  • Thomas Brown
  • Brian Daboll
  • Leslie Frazier
  • Vance Joseph
  • Mike McDaniel
  • Kellen Moore
  • Dan Quinn

Ian Rapoport has reported the Dolphins are looking to find someone who believes in Tua Tagovailoa and can bring the best out of him. If that is the case, coaches like Daboll, McDaniel, and Moore may have the inside track. But the team could still interview other candidates like Nathaniel Hackett, Byron Leftwich, or Kevin O’Connell.

Of The Houston Texans…

The Texans may find it more challenging than most to find their next head coach. Their roster is still recovering from the destruction Bill O’Brien wreaked on it. With four picks inside the top 80 selections in the 2022 NFL Draft, however, they can start to fill some of the holes — but they have many.

Firing David Culley after just one season will not make the job too appealing to many. So far, the Texans have interviewed:

  • Brian Flores
  • Jonathan Gannon
  • Joe Lombardi
  • Hines Ward (yes, the former Steelers wide receiver)

The biggest problem the Texans may run into is their general manager, Nick Caserio. According to recent reports, he does not leave the coaching to the coaches. It would not be surprising if some veteran coaches were to have an issue with a GM who is on the coach’s headset during games, among other things.

Even Jerry Jones doesn’t do that.

The Next Head Coach Of The Jacksonville Jaguars Will Be…

According to the NFL.com coaching tracker, the Jags have been busy finding their next head coach. Jacksonville has either requested an interview with or interviewed with several candidates:

  • Darrell Bevell
  • Todd Bowles
  • Jim Caldwell
  • Matt Eberflus
  • Nathanial Hackett
  • Byron Leftwich
  • Kellen Moore
  • Bill O’Brien
  • Doug Pederson

Dan Quinn declined an interview request.

Rumor has it that the Jags are looking to go the veteran head coach route, which bodes well for guys like Doug Pederson, Todd Bowles. and Jim Caldwell. But it sounds like Matt Eberflus might have a leg up on the competition since he has a second interview pending.

He may be the betting favorite for the Jags, but Bill O’Brien’s disastrous tenure in Houston should keep anyone from seriously considering him. He needs more than one good year at Alabama to rehab his image.

While he has done a remarkable job with the Patriots, Josh McDaniels may not generate much interest after he played games with the Colts a couple of years ago.

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