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After a global pandemic wiped sports off the map, the Tokyo Olympics were a welcome return to normal. The Beijing Olympics followed the delayed Tokyo Olympics by six months. So, these major betting events followed each other unusually quickly.

However, the next Olympic Games will be in Paris 2024. Until sportsbooks offer odds on the Paris Summer Olympics en masse, we’ll provide the Beijing Olympics medals listed below.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best sportsbooks for Olympics betting so bettors can take advantage of this opportunity. When they’re available, we’ll also go into detail into the odds on the events and update medal winners daily as they’re awarded. 

Beijing Olympics Updates And Promotions

Now that the Beijing Olympics are over, bettors can shift their focus to other areas of their sportsbooks. March Madness follows the Olympics by only a few weeks. Summer tends to be much slower for sports. But once fall arrives, bettors will dive right back into NFL and NBA betting.

Barring another pandemic or geopolitical catastrophe, the next Olympics will be the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games. When those games begin, we’ll update this page with Paris odds, promotions, and medals.

Until then, bettors can view the medals from the Winter Olympics below.

Men’s Winter Olympics Medals

Gold Johannes Strolz – Austria

Silver Aleksander Aamodt Kilde – Norway

Bronze James Crawford – Canada

Gold Beat Feuz – Switzerland

Silver Johan Clarey – France

Bronze Matthias Mayer – Austria

Gold Marco Odermatt – Switzerland

Silver Zan Kranjec – Slovenia

Bronze Mathieu Faivre – France

Gold Clement Noel – France

Silver Johannes Strolz – Austria

Bronze Sebastian Foss-Solevaag – Norway

Gold Matthias Mayer – Austria

Silver Ryan Chochran-Siegle – USA

Bronze Aleksander Aamodt Kilde – Norway

Gold Norway

Silver France

Bronze ROC

Gold Johannes Thingnes Boe – Norway

Silver Quentin Fillon Maillet – France

Bronze Tarjei Boe – Norway

GolQuentin Fillon Maillet – France

Silver Tarjei Boe – Norway

Bronze Eduard Latypov – ROC

Gold Johannes Thingnes Boe – Norway

Silver Martin Ponsiluoma – Sweden

Bronze Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen – Norway

Gold Quentin Fillon Maillet – France

Silver Anton Smolski – Belarus

Bronze Johannes Thingnes Boe – Norway

Gold Germany

Silver Germany

Bronze Canada

Gold Francesco Friedrich – Germany

Silver Johannes Lochner – Germany

Bronze Christoph Hafer – Germany

Gold ROC

Silver Norway

Bronze France

Gold Iivo Niskanen – Finland

Silver Alexander Bolshunov – ROC

Bronze Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo – Norway


Gold Alexander Bolshunov – ROC

Silver Denis Spitsov – ROC

Bronze Iivo Niskanen – Finland

Gold Alexander Bolshunov – ROC

Silver Ivan Yakimushkin – ROC

Bronze Simen Hegstad Krueger – Norway

Gold Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo – Norway

Silver Federico Pellegrino – Italy

Bronze Alexander Terentev – ROC

Gold Norway

Silver Finland

Bronze ROC

Gold Sweden

Silver Great Britain

Bronze Canada

Gold Nathan Chen – USA

Silver Yuma Kagiyama – Japan

Bronze Shoma Uno – Japan

Gold Guangpu Qi – China

Silver Oleksandr Abramenko – Ukraine

Bronze Ilia Burov – ROC

Gold Birk Ruud – Norway

Silver Colby Stevenson – USA

Bronze Henrik Harlaut – Sweden

Gold Nico Porteous – New Zealand

Silver David Wise – USA

Bronze Alex Ferreira – USA

Gold Walter Wallberg – Sweden

Silver Mikael Kingsbury – Canada

Bronze Ikuma Horishima – Japan

Gold Ryan Regez – Switzerland

Silver Alex Fiva – Switzerland

Bronze Sergey Ridzik – ROC

Gold Alexander Hall – USA

Silver Nicholas Goepper – USA

Bronze Jesper Tjader – Sweden

Gold Finland

Silver ROC

Bronze Sweden

Gold Johannes Ludwig – Germany

Silver Wolfgang Kindl – Austria

Bronze Dominik Fischnaller – Italy


Gold Tobias Wendl & Tobias Arlt – Germany

Silver Toni Eggert & Sascha Benecken – Germany

Bronze Thomas Steu & Lorenz Koller – Austria

Gold Joergen Graabak – Norway

Silver Jens Luraas Oftebro – Norway

Bronze Akito Watabe – Japan

Gold Vinzenz Geiger – Germany

Silver Joergen Graabak – Norway

Bronze Lukas Greiderer – Austria

Gold Norway

Silver Germany

Bronze Japan

Gold Christopher Grotheer – Germany

Silver Axel Jungk – Germany

Bronze Wengang Yan – China

Gold Marius Lindvik – Norway

Silver Ryoyu Kobayashi – Japan

Bronze Karl Geiger – Germany

Gold Ryoyu Kobayashi – Japan

Silver Manuel Fettner – Austria

Bronze Dawid Kubacki – Poland

Gold Austria

Silver Slovenia

Bronze Germany

Gold Yiming Su – China

Silver Mons Roisland – Norway

Bronze Max Parrot – Canada

Gold Ayumu Hirano – Japan

Silver Scotty James – Australia

Bronze Jan Scherrer – Switzerland

Gold Alessandro Haemmerle – Austria

Silver Eliot Grondin – Canada

Bronze Omar Visintin – Italy

Gold Thomas Krol – Netherlands

Silver Laurent Dubreuil – Canada

Bronze Haavard Holmefjord Lorentzen – Norway

Gold Kjeld Nuis – Netherlands

Silver Thomas Krol – Netherlands

Bronze Minseok Kim – South Korea

Gold Nils van der Poel – Sweden

Silver Patrick Roest – Netherlands

Bronze Hallgeir Engebraaten – Norway

Gold Nils van der Poel – Sweden

Silver Patrick Roest – Netherlands

Bronze Davide Ghiotto – Italy

Gold Bart Swings – Belarus

Silver Jae Won Chung – South Korea

Bronze Seung Hoon Lee – South Korea

Gold Norway

Silver ROC

Bronze USA

Gold Canada

Silver South Korea

Bronze Italy

Gold Shaoang Liu – Hungary

Silver Konstantin Ivliev – ROC

Bronze Steven Dubois – Canada

Gold Ziwei Ren – China

Silver Wenlong Li – China

Bronze Shaoang Liu – Hungary


Gold Daeheon Hwang – South Korea

Silver Steven Dubois – Canada

Bronze Semen Elistratov – ROC

Gold Benjamin Karl – Austria

Silver Tim Mastnak – Slovenia

Bronze Victor Wild – ROC

Gold Max Parrot – Canada

Silver Yiming Su – China

Bronze Mark McMorris – Canada

Gold Alessandro Haemmerle – Austria

Silver Eliot Grondin – Canada

Bronze Omar Visintin – Italy

Women’s Winter Olympics Medals

Gold Michelle Gisin – Switzerland

Silver Wendy Holdener – Switzerland

Bronze Federica Brignone – Italy

Gold Corinne Suter – Switzerland

Silver Sofia Goggia – Italy

Bronze Nadia Delago – Italy

Gold Sara Hector – Sweden

Silver Federica Brignone – Italy

Bronze Lara Gut-Behrami – Switzerland

Gold Petra Vlhova – Slovakia

Silver Katharina Liensberger – Austria

Bronze Wendy Holdener – Switzerland

Gold Lara Gut-Behrami – Switzerland

Silver Mirjam Puchner – Austria

Bronze Michelle Gisin – Switzerland

Gold Sweden

Silver ROC

Bronze Germany

Gold Marte Olsbu Roeiseland – Norway

Silver Elvira Oeberg – Sweden

Bronze Dorothea Wierer – Italy

Gold Marte Olsbu Roeiseland – Norway

Silver Elvira Oeberg – Sweden

Bronze Tiril Eckhoff – Norway

Gold Justine Braisaz-Bouchet – France

Silver Tiril Eckhoff – Norway

Bronze Marte Olsbu Roeiseland – Norway

Gold Denise Herrmann – Germany

Silver Anais Chevalier-Bouchet – France

Bronze Marte Olsbu Roeiseland – Norway

Gold Kaillie Humphries – USA

Silver Elana Meyers Taylor – USA

Bronze Christine de Bruin – Canada

Gold Laura Nolte – Germany

Silver Mariama Jamanka – Germany

Bronze Elana Meyers Taylor – USA

Gold ROC

Silver Germany

Bronze Sweden

Gold Therese Johaug – Norway

Silver Natalia Nepryaeva – ROC

Bronze Teresa Stadlober – Austria

Gold Therese Johaug – Norway

Silver Kerttu Niskanen – Finland

Bronze Krista Parmakoski – Finland

Gold Therese Johaug – Norway

Silver Jessie Diggins – USA

Bronze Kerttu Niskanen – Finland

Gold Jonna Sundling – Sweden

Silver Maja Dahlqvist – Sweden

Bronze Jessie Diggins – USA


Gold Germany

Silver Sweden

Bronze ROC

Gold Japan

Silver Great Britain

Bronze Sweden

Gold Anna Shcherbakova – ROC

Silver Alexandra Trusova – ROC

Bronze Kaori Sakamoto – Japan

Gold ROC

Silver USA

Bronze Japan

Gold Mengtao – China

Silver Hannah Huskova – Belarus

Bronze Megan Nick – USA

Gold Ailing Eileen Gu – China

Silver Tess Ledeux – France

Bronze Mathilde Gremaud – Switzerland

Gold Ailing Eileen Gu – China

Silver Cassie Sharpe – Canada

Bronze Rachael Karker – Canada

Gold Jakara Anthony – Great Britain

Silver Jaelin Kauf – USA

Bronze Anastasiia Smirnova – ROC

Gold Sandra Naeslund – Sweden

Silver Marielle Thompson – Canada

Bronze Daniela Maier – Germany

Gold Mathilde Gremaud – Switzerland

Silver Ailing Eileen Gu – China

Bronze Kelly Sildaru – Estonia

Gold Canada

Silver USA

Bronze Finland

Gold Natalie Geisenberger – Germany

Silver Anna Berreiter – Germany

Bronze Tatyana Ivanova – ROC

Gold Hannah Neise – Germany

Silver Jaclyn Narracott – Australia

Bronze Kimberley Bos – Netherlands

Gold Ursa Bogataj – Slovenia

Silver Katharina Althaus – Germany

Bronze Nika Kriznar – Slovenia

Gold Anna Gasser – Austria

Silver Zoi Sadowski-Synnott – New Zealand

Bronze Kokomo Murase – Japan

Gold Chloe Kim – USA

Silver Queralt Castellet – Spain

Bronze Sena Tomita – Japan

Gold Erin Jackson – USA

Silver Miho Takagi – Japan

Bronze Angelina Golikova – ROC

Gold Miho Takagi – Japan

Silver Jutta Leerdam – Netherlands

Bronze Brittany Bowe – USA

Gold Ireen Wust – Netherlands

Silver Miho Takagi – Japan

Bronze Antoinette de Jong – Netherlands

Gold Irene Schouten – Netherlands

Silver Francesca Lollobrigida – Italy

Bronze Isabelle Weidemann – Canada

Gold Irene Schouten – Netherlands

Silver Isabelle Weidemann – Canada

Bronze Martina Sablikova – Czech Republic

Gold Irene Schouten – Netherlands

Silver Ivanie Blondin – Canada

Bronze Francesca Lollobrigida – Italy

Gold Canada

Silver Japan

Bronze Netherlands

Gold Arianna Fontana – Italy

Silver Suzanne Schulting – Netherlands

Bronze Kim Boutin – Canada

Gold Suzanne Schulting – Netherlands

Silver Minjeong Choi – South Korea

Bronze Hanne Desmet – Belarus

Gold Minjeong Choi – South Korea

Silver Arianna Fontana – Italy

Bronze Suzanne Schulting – Netherlands

Gold Netherlands

Silver South Korea

Bronze China

Gold Ester Ledecka – Czech Republic

Silver Daniela Ulbing – Austria

Bronze Gloria Kotnik – Slovenia

Gold Zoi Sadowski-Synnott – New Zealand

Silver Julia Marino – USA

Bronze Tess Coady – Australia

Gold Lindsey Jacobellis – USA

Silver Chloe Trespeuch – France

Bronze Meryeta Odine – Canada

Mixed Winter Olympics Medals

Gold Austria

Silver Germany

Bronze Norway

Gold Norway

Silver France

Bronze ROC

Gold Italy

Silver Norway

Bronze Sweden

Gold Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron – France

Silver Victoria Sinitsina/Nikita Katsalapov – ROC

Bronze Madison Hubbell/Zachary Donohue – USA

Gold Wenjing Sui/Cong Han – China

Silver Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov – ROC

Bronze Anastasia Mishina/Aleksandr Galliamov – ROC

Gold USA

Silver China

Bronze Canada

Gold Germany

Silver Austria

Bronze Latvia

Gold Slovenia

Silver ROC

Bronze Canada

Gold USA

Silver Italy

Bronze Canada

Gold China

Silver Italy

Bronze Hungary

Where To Bet On The Olympics

Betting on the Olympics is available in most states where sports betting is legal. Because all the events have concrete and well-understood rules, basically every state allows Olympics betting. About half the country has legalized sports betting. Additionally, Olympics betting is one of the few reliable constants across the country. They’re popular even when they’re timed alongside the Super Bowl.

Throughout the Olympics, most sportsbooks will set lines for various Olympic events. We will update our page when the Olympics lines are published and provide a list of sportsbooks with lines and bonus offers.

Many sports betting markets allow full betting on the Olympics:

Types Of Bets On The Olympics 

Olympics betting is similar to regular sports betting. The details change, but bettors will find moneylines, totals, and futures bets just like everywhere else. Bettors will find wagers on things like how many gold medals Americans will win during Olympic events. They can also find wagers on outright event winners and easier wagers on the top sports. According to Forbes, swimming, gymnastics, and track are consistently among the most popular Olympic sports. So watch them especially carefully. 

Olympic Prop Bets 

While every major sporting event has ridiculous prop bets, something about the Olympics brings out oddsmakers’ inner crazy. Bettors will find regular prop bets, like team props, individual props, and of course, bets on the opening ceremony. Betting on whether the torch will go out before the last person finishes their run to light the flame is one thing. But some real Olympic prop bets collected by Business Insider include: 

  • Whether Boris Johnson would accidentally light his hair on fire with the Olympic torch. 
  • Whether Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy Carter, will win an Olympic gold medal in her life. 
  • Whether a UFO will fly over the Olympic stadium, but only if Barack Obama or David Cameron confirmed the UFO proved that extraterrestrial life was real. 

Enjoy the latest season of international competition and goodwill. 

Live Betting During The Olympics 

Sports betting apps offer live in-game betting during the Olympics. Live betting is one of the most popular and profitable (for sportsbooks) forms of sports betting. One team of DraftKings analysts found that 75% of UK internet sports betting revenue comes from in-game micro-bets. Micro-bets are bets on the next play’s outcome, which are the subjects of many a living room brawl. Sportsbooks won’t miss the chance to profit from live betting where it’s applicable at the Olympics. 

Live betting is great if bettors know an athlete’s or team’s performance tendencies. But bettors have to know whether teams and players have weak or strong beginnings, weak or strong endings, and exploit the odds changes throughout the match accordingly. 

Good luck studying. 

Olympic Betting Odds

The way Olympic odds move up to and during the games is similar to what bettors will find in regular-season sports. Odds are set by oddsmakers who are intimately familiar with the sport they set odds on. However, they’re also financial geniuses who understand how to hedge risk. They know how to tweak the odds to ensure that sportsbooks don’t have to pay too much in winnings. (Sportsbooks aren’t offering sports betting out of the goodness of their hearts.) 

Some of the most popular wagers include picking winners and predicting point totals. It’s exciting to see how far Olympians can push themselves. However, odds can change dramatically depending on international doping scandals and revelations about athletes. Anything that can shake an athlete’s focus can tweak the odds. The stage is more public, but the factors affecting odds changes are largely the same. 

How To Bet On The Olympics 

Betting on the Olympics is easy. All bettors have to do is find a sportsbook, register for an account, then make their first deposits to start betting. While some states have long lists of sportsbooks to choose from, others only let a few operate. But once bettors have chosen a sportsbook, they have to create accounts. That includes standard login information and more personal information like social security numbers. The registration section also usually comes with a space to enter a promo code. Other bonuses can be claimed by following instructions in the sportsbook’s promotions section. 

After that’s done, bettors can make their first deposits, click a set of odds, and put some money on a sports wager. 

FAQs – Olympic Sports Betting Odds 

Is It Legal To Bet On The Olympics Online?

Yes. As long as a bettor’s state allows Olympics bets, then bettors’ Olympics wagers are legal. Bettors also have to bet at licensed sportsbooks. Don’t go betting offshore at websites that are less secure or familiar than the strictly regulated homegrown sportsbooks.

Where are the next summer Olympics?

Paris. The 2024 Olympics will begin on July 26 and end on August 11. The time zone change will be smaller than it was during the Beijing Olympics. So, American sports bettors could have more live betting opportunities during the Paris Olympics than the Beijing or Tokyo Olympics. 

Where are the next winter Olympics?

Beijing. China is hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics from February 4-20, 2022. It comes on the heels of the delayed Tokyo summer Olympics, so Olympics bettors will get to place bets in quick succession. 

Is it popular to bet on the Olympics?

Yes. Watching the Olympics is an exciting time. Where there are popular sports, there are oddsmakers preparing to offer bets on them. However, the United States has a healthy and well-regulated sports betting industry now. Not every state has it, but the ones that do are looking forward to their first legal Olympic Games.

Are there Olympics prop bets?

Yes. Olympic prop bets include standard team props, like which team will win the most medals. Similar bets are available for individuals. But the prop bets can be ridiculous, like whether a British athlete will be photographed eating a Big Mac. In their props sections, sportsbooks offer something for everybody. 

Where can I bet on the Olympics in the US?

In most if not all states where sports betting is legal. Bettors just have to place their wagers at legal, licensed sportsbooks. Bettors who don’t live in states with legal sports betting can also travel to states that do. They can create accounts from out of state, but they must be in-state to place wagers.

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