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How to Create Your Free Super Bowl Squares Online Board

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the super bowl squares generator tool at Gaming Today. 

  • Give your game a unique title, which can be as simple as “ John Smith’s Squares 2022.” You can also create a password to limit access. 
  • Optionally, you can write a description for further personalization. This would be a good place to explain the game structure.
  • You also have the option to add your email address to recover the admin page and to be sent a PDF backup of your board.
  • Choose your entries per person and board size.
  • Click “Create Board” to have your grid automatically generated.
  • You can manually add each person’s name, or share the link with your friends and have them select their own boxes. Make sure to copy the Admin page link and save it because this is your admin panel.
  • Once the boxes are filled, make sure everything is all set. Then click “Confirm Board” to lock in your Squares Game.

Then you can check back anytime as we update the score of the game in real-time.

Beta Software Note: Gaming Today’s online squares game is beta software and it’s best to print out a backup in case there are any issues during the game. There are likely bugs and issues with the free tool. Please do not use this for real money.

Super Bowl PDF Template 2022

Don’t want to use our free squares tool above? You can also use our LA Rams vs. Bengals printable squares template to use offline for Super Bowl 56.

What Is A Squares Game?

Squares (also known as Football Squares or Super Bowl Squares) is a type of game in which each participant chooses squares on a grid. The higher the value of each square and the more squares on the grid, the higher the overall possible win. Squares games are similar to fantasy football in that you’re making a selection (in this case it’s random) and hoping for a specific outcome.

Once all the squares are claimed, numbers (0-9) are randomly generated to represent points scored by the two corresponding teams.

Those numbers represent the last digit of the team’s score too. So 3 would apply to the team having 3 points, 13 points, 23 points, and so on.

If your box lines up with the scoreline of both teams, you win.

How To Play Super Bowl Squares


The simplest (and most common) structure for a squares game is quarters. At the end of each quarter of the game, the score determines the four different ways to win. Usually the final score of the game (as opposed to the score after each quarter) is the biggest winner.

For example, if you have 0 for Tampa Bay and 7 for Kansas City and the first quarter ends with a matching scoreline, you would win for that quarter. However, if the quarter ended and Kansas City has 0 while Tampa Bay has 7, you would not win.

Why Use A Squares Game?

A squares game is an incredibly approachable way to get invested in the Super Bowl, because the outcome is based on pure luck. You could know nothing about the game, and your chances of winning are just as high as anyone else’s.

Of course, the more squares you own, the higher your likelihood for a win. But you have no control over what numbers you receive. That means you’re simply making your selection and hoping for the best.

At Gaming Today, our squares game generator and tracker allows you and all participants to quickly and easily set up your Super Bowl Squares. Everyone will be able to check how they’re doing as the game progresses in real-time as well.

Otherwise, you have to draw up a grid, write out each person’s name, draw numbers out of a hat, then keep track of who wins and who loses as the game progresses.

Plus, you can easily set up more unique grid structures, such as 50 or 25 squares where each box receives more than one number for a higher likelihood of winning.


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