Circa Sports Increases Prizes to $16 Million for Upcoming Football Contests

Circa Sports increases the combined guaranteed prize money to $16 million for their two NFL weekly handicapping contests, Circa Million and Circa Survivor. Registration for both contests begins on Friday, May 24, at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Circa Million VI will return with a $6 million prize pool, the same as last year. In this contest, players select five NFL games against the spread each week. $1 million is given to the first-place winner.

The other contest, Circa Survivor, increases to a $10 million prize pool. The contest will have up to 20 legs for each game week, with additional weeks for holiday games (Thanksgiving/Black Friday and Christmas).

The number of entries in Circa Survivor expanded the pool from its initial $8 million amount to over $9.2 million last year. If there were more than 10,000 entries this year, the same would happen.

“We only have ourselves to top, so we’re back with the biggest guarantee yet,” Circa Sports CEO Derek Stevens said in a press release. “With a whopping $16 million, no rake, up for grabs, we are excited to see what craziness this football season holds.”

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How to Sign Up for Circa Sports Contests

All contestants are required to enter the Circa Sports contests in Nevada. Sign-ups are available at Circa Sports locations in Las Vegas and Sparks. However, submitting picks throughout the season can be done anywhere, even out of state.

There is a $1,000 entry fee for Circa Million VI and Circa Survivor. Up to 10 entries per person are allowed for Circa Survivor, while it’s limited to five entries per person for Circa Million VI.

No rake is collected from Circa in either contest. Similar to the survivor contest, Circa Million VI would give any additional fees to the quarter and full-season prizes.

Learn more about the contests and find additional details at Circa Sports’ official site.


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