DraftKings Is Coming To Las Vegas

Think business is doing well? DraftKings — headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts — is building its groundwork in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the most impressive workspaces in the United States is coming to Las Vegas via the new unCommons real estate venture.

With over 90,000 square feet, unCommons is committed to being a technology hub for Las Vegas. DraftKings’ new Las Vegas office will be the companies second-largest office, closely mirroring the layout of its Boston Headquarters.

Furthermore, the office is going to provide some incredible perks for its employees in Las Vegas.

Per a press release, DraftKings’ new office will, “Provide the infrastructure to offer unmatched amenities for employees, including onsite haircuts and manicures/pedicures, a prayer suite, and more.”

The impressive plan will help the company build its future in the United States, Las Vegas, and more for years to come.

DraftKings Investing Big In Its Future… And Las Vegas

Any thought that the legalization of sports betting would be bad for Las Vegas’ business is mistaken. The investment from DraftKings into Las Vegas is notable on many fronts.

The office located in the heart of a Vegas tech hub will serve as an important piece of infrastructure for DraftKings. This is not the first investment in Las Vegas from DraftKings either.

In March of 2020, DraftKings acquired Las Vegas-based company, VSiN. VSiN is a multi-platform broadcast and content company delivering trusted sports betting news, analysis, and data to U.S. sports bettors since 2017.

Moreover, DraftKings recently made a massive $20 billion offer to buy the UK sports betting company, Entain. The purchase would undeniably make DraftKings the biggest sportsbook in the world.

Clearly, DraftKings is looking to capitalize on its stranglehold on sports betting across the world. The investment in Las Vegas, the worldwide mecca of gambling, is just the next step to dominating the market.

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