DraftKings Launches “My Stat Sheet” to Keep Track of Responsible Gaming

DraftKings Sportsbook has launched its latest foray into the Responsible Gaming realm.

Right in the middle of Problem Gambling Awareness Month, the company just unveiled My Stat Sheet. It’s a gaming tool that allows players to assess, track, and interact with their stats through intuitive charts and information.

According to a company press release, the new feature will help empower players to make data-driven decisions on their own play and, therefore, promote responsible gaming. This tool is now available across all DraftKings and Golden Nugget products.

“As sports betting technology continues to evolve, DraftKings remains committed to continuously enhancing our robust responsible gaming program,” Jennifer Aguiar, DraftKings Chief Compliance Officer, said in the release.  “The My Stat Sheet tool will help customers evaluate their play and make informed choices.”

How to Access “My Stat Sheet” at DraftKings

My Stat Sheet can be accessed easily. Go to Account Information and find this new feature in the far left-hand column. In New Jersey, that’s just above Player Limits, Self-Exclusion, and Cool-Off. Each of these items represents a different area of responsible gambling.

With My Stat Sheet, customers can view time spent on the platform and how they’ve done. This information spans deposits, withdrawals, contest involvement, wagers placed, and net win/loss across monthly, yearly, and lifetime views through intuitive charts and filtering options.

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Benefits of Using “My Stat Sheet”

Perhaps the best element of the feature is it will provide information customers probably did not know.

This is an excellent barometer to determine if one is wagering at a consistent amount or if that has recently spiked.

One can then assess why the amount suddenly went up. That can mean a reduction of discipline or perhaps a big one-time wager at the start of the MLB season, like a team’s win total or odds to win the World Series.

It’s easy for gamblers to underestimate how much they played. That can originate from an area like occasional incentives.

The book offers several player-friendly deposit matches for casino play. A gambler may deposit $500 and receive $250 in bonus money, subject to play-through requirements and a deadline to reach it, usually about one week.

Many players view these offers as a chance to win money with house funds. Yet since they don’t know when these offers will be made, gamblers could never have planned for them. This is why they may occasionally deposit more than they think they did.

My Stat Sheet reminds them. It’s all there.

The Responsible Gambling Element to “My Stat Sheet”

The feature also breaks down the amount for sportsbook, casino, and daily fantasy play. Where are you hot? Where are you not?

Customers may be surprised to discover they do better or worse in each category than they thought.

“Responsible gaming has always been a core priority at DraftKings,” Paul Liberman, DraftKings President of Global Product and Technology, said in the press release.  “We are constantly innovating to find new ways to apply technology that enhances our responsible gaming initiatives. My Stat Sheet is an important milestone for us as an industry leader.”

My Stat Sheet joins a lineup of responsible gaming elements.

In Player Limits, gamblers can set maximum deposit amounts for a day, week, or month.

Gamblers can also set deposit alerts whenever they reach a specific total in a day, week, or month.

And now, at the end of that, My Stat Sheel tells them how they did. It’s a report card.

Some may be surprised with what My Stat Sheet initially reveals. But that will probably lead to adjustments. And that’s a significant reason for this tool.


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