Nevada Sports Betting Handle Mostly Steady With Some Dips in November

When most people hear a mention of Nevada, one of the first things that naturally comes to mind is gambling. From slot machines to Black Jack tables, from Reno to Las Vegas, the Silver State is synonymous with betting — and that’s sports betting in particular.

Now, Nevada seemingly has cornered the market on all things betting, but shockingly, its recent numbers suggest otherwise.

Last month, Nevada’s Gaming Control report revealed that from January through November 2023, the $7.4 billion handle in the state reflects an approximate 5.1% dip compared to the same time frame in 2022.

And year-on-year from Nov. 2022 to Nov. 2023, the sports betting handle in Nevada declined to $921.1 million from $927.9 million.

Nevada In-Person Registration

Here’s a culprit to consider: In Nevada, users must sign up in-person to access online gambling.

You read that correctly.

To activate mobile gambling on your device, in the state of Nevada, a gambler has to physically sign up in-person at a casino to begin using a mobile wagering app.

This practice is largely a request of casino operators in Nevada who stake their claims on profiting off local bettors.

Nevada to Other States Comparison

Nevada might not have eclipsed a $1 billion handle in November, but other states around the country certainly did.

New Jersey recorded a $1.6 billion handle in the month and New York astoundingly eclipsed the $2 billion mark in the next-to-last month of last year.

Pennsylvania, though it didn’t top a billion, saw its handle number go above $900 million for the first time since sports betting became legal in the state. Likewise, the state of Virginia — though its handle was “only” $638.8 million in November — still experienced a record-breaking month. That $638.8 million was 11.8% more than the previous record of $571.1 million set in October of last year for VA.

Nevada Highs and Lows

Reportedly, bettors in Nevada like throwing cash on football wagers, so as long as guys are on the gridiron, books in the Silver State can count on that steady flow of cash.

How steady was it though?

Well, football is on a winning streak in Nevada as wagers on the sport have exceeded $500 million for the third consecutive month. However, compared to Nov. 2022, football revenue was down more than 23%.

But betting on other sports like motorsports, golf, and tennis helped Nevada make out more favorably. In those less popular sports, operators claimed an 8.5% hold on a more than $75 million handle.

Nevada Sports Betting Outlook in 2024

New year, new leaf could very well apply to Nevada as it tries to find its footing among states like New York and New Jersey. One thing that Nevada does have that those others don’t is the Super Bowl.

On Feb. 11, Nevada will host Super Bowl 58 at Allegiant Stadium, home of the NFL’s Raiders.

According to local reporting from Las Vegas’ KTNV, more than 450,000 people are expected to be in the city during the biggest game on the football calendar. If that could translate to more in-person bettors signing up at casinos, Nevada could very well report in March elevated numbers from February.

That same reporting from KTNV suggests that Formula 1 returning in Nov. 2024 will also boost visitor traffic in the Silver State. If sports fans come out in droves for Formula 1, the Nov. 2024 YOY report could very well end up reflecting more favorable results for operators.

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