Ohio Sports Betting Vote Could Come By Halloween

Ohio lawmakers took a big step this week toward legalizing sports betting in the Buckeye State by the end of the year.

State Sen. Kirk Schuring, chairman of Select Committee on Gaming, told local radio station 1480 WHBC-AM on Wednesday, that a conference committee has been set up to iron out differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

“I think we are finally on a pathway to get sports betting into law,” Schuring said during the nearly 20-minute interview.

Schuring did not say who was serving on the committee with him but noted there were six members total — three from the House and three from the Senate.

He said the committee plans to meet several times in the coming weeks and he anticipates floor votes in both chambers by the end of the month.

“Our game plan is most of the conferees….we’d like to get it done, all wrapped up both to the House and Senate floors by the end of this month,” Schuring said.

Assuming this happens and Governor Mike DeWine signs the legislation as expected, it would be about six months before a bet could be placed due to regulatory requirements.

“It would be approved by the end of April,” he said, outlining the various steps along the way.

Three Different Types Of Sports Betting

Under the legislation passed in the Senate, which Schuring said he expected the conference committee to model as it works to iron out an agreement, there are three types of licenses.

Type A licenses are for mobile applications and sportsbooks.  There will be 40, Schuring said during the radio interview.

Type B licenses would be determined based on county population size. These would be brick and mortar buildings that could offer their own sportsbooks.  Schuring described them as “Top Golf-type quality restaurant” with widescreen televisions and proposition betting.

Type C licenses will be kiosks in facilities that have what is known as a Title D permit, allowing them to serve alcohol.

It’s this latter license that has caused some contention because smaller facilities such as bowling centers have asked to be included.


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