Super Bowl Squares Online: The Best for 2024

Unless the San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs hold a special place in your heart – or you’re holding a betting slip on one of them in your digital or actual wallet – Super Bowl 58 will be about friends, beers, and way too much seven-layer dip.

And one of the two most traditional gambling events for folks who don’t even think they’re gambling: Super Bowl squares.

Over 20 million Americans are expected to plunk down a couple of bucks and fill in a few squares this year, either on a nacho-smudged piece of paper in the den or online. They’ll casually root for those magic sets of numbers to align for some extra antacid money and bragging rights. Next to the March Madness bracket, it marks one of those two times a year when everyone’s a sharp.

Gaming Today has your complete guide on how to set up, play, and study to win Super Bowl squares.

Super Bowl squares online 2024

Best Super Bowl Squares Online Games 2024

Super Bowl Squares 2024 from Gaming Today

How to play Super Bowl Squares:

  • Participants claim one or more of the 100 squares of a 10-by-10 grid. Mark it with your name.
  • The rows and columns are randomly labeled with a number from 0-9 – each corresponding to one of the Super Bowl teams –  once all the Super Bowl squares are taken.
  • Determining a winner:  The last digit of each Super Bowl team’s score will correspond to a square on the grids. Locate that corresponding square on the grid to identify a winner.
  • A winner can be chosen at the end of each quarter or more unconventional ways, such as at the end of drives.

Invite Friends With a Link for a Virtual Game or Print a Grid for an In-Person Party

It’s all straightforward with the Super Bowl Squares game from Gaming Today:

  • Send a shareable link
  • Or create an offline squares game and print it for use at your Super Duper Super Bowl party.

Which Numbers Win Most Often in Super Bowl Squares?

We cover some of the best numbers available for Super Bowl squares games. You could also watch this smart guy:

Create your free game hereSuper Bowl Squares Game

DraftKings Play Free for $1 Million Pool

DraftKings allows customers to turn squares into more of a sports betting activity by offering fixed odds on certain DK Squares outcomes.

DraftKings offers score combinations on the first three quarters and the final result. On Monday, the lowest odds are both teams to have a “0” number after any quarter at +255.

DraftKings also has a free-to-play game, even if the company isn’t in a player’s state. It’s available on both sports betting and daily fantasy apps. The payout schedule: First quarter – $6,000; Halftime – $12,000; Third quarter – $6,000; Final score – $16,000.

Caesars & FanDuel Squares

Caesars’ squares game adds a new wrinkle by being offered live and in-play for the first time. That could make for some excitement as coaches mull over field goal tries or pops at the end zone as the clock winds down. FanDuel is offering a fixed-odds sports betting-style squares game.

Circa Squares

The Old Las Vegas icon brings online squares to Nevada, Illinois, Colorado, and Iowa.

A press release states, “Circa Squares are booked with fixed odds, meaning the odds on a betting ticket do not change and will be paid out if won.”

The fine print of Circa Squares:

  • Bettors choose their squares.
  • They can bet as many squares as they would like.
  • Bettors can select different squares for different quarters.
  • Squares are available for the first, second, and third quarters, as well as the final score.
  • Each square within each quarter has its own odds, and combinations that are less likely to happen pay out more than those that are more likely to occur.
  • Minimum bet is $1.

Odds intel from Circa Squares:

  • The square with the shortest odds is San Francisco “0,” Kansas City “0” for the first quarter: +410.
  • Other first-quarter favorites: SF 7, KC 0 at +575; KC 7, SF 0 at +575; and three additional scores at +725.
  • The shortest odds for the final score: SF 7, KC 4; KC 7, SF 4, both at 18/1.
  • The square with the longest odds: first quarter to finish with 5-5 last digits, at 5000/1.

Super Bowl 58 Game Details

Download and print out a Gaming Today Super Bowl Squares grid before you start wrenching on that 10-layer dip you’re convinced everyone loves. Or, make it simple – like ordering a pizza – by going to the Gaming Today Football Squares page. GT will deliver much quicker on Super Bowl Sunday.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, February 11, 6:30 PM ET Kickoff

The game will be broadcast on CBS with an alternative broadcast on Nickelodeon. It will be streamed live and seen on Paramount+ and NFL+, which require subscriptions to those respective services.

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